Mini Red velvet cake

Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Red and velvety, classic chocolate cake will attract anyone with its look and most delicious taste. White chocolaty, creamy and cheesy frosting pair very well with these beautiful spongy cake. Believe me, they will simply melt in your mouth!!

Even though I have a very big sweet tooth, cake is not my thing. I hardly finish one serving of cake at a time. Hubby also usually won’t go beyond a piece of cake exception to this cake😄!! So I usually wait for very special Occassion to bake something like this!All thanks to my friend Rayida, who is a hands down home baker and her cake pictures inspired me a-lot. (I didn’t get a chance to taste her cakes yet!!). When I went home last time, she pushed me to attend a one day baking workshop, it was a good demo and got more idea on the area where I was least experienced. So for new year, I thought to bake a big fat cake to share with my neighbors and friends. But I couldn’t bake due to our short trip to Delhi around new year, which was unplanned!

On the day of New year, hotel where we stayed kept a counter with alot of pastries and cakes. I told hubby I couldn’t bake as I planned….let us indulge in some sweet treat here. so we bought one red velvet cake slice. After putting first spoon in my mouth,I was like “whether to cry or laugh”….ohh god, cake was tooo dry and tasteless….. how can a prestigious hotels serve these kind of cakes??!! totally disappointed with them 🙁 ….. Coming back to Tashkent, I decided to try red velvet cake….. in a miniature form, and anything miniatures, I feel they are the cutest!!! They are so easy and convenient to serve as well ….aren’t they??? I am so happy that I did try them….. they were sooooooo delicious and he had one, two and asked for the third serving at the same go 😄!!! Me, who is not a cake person had half batch of them…. shhhh 🤫….. We had them after breakfast, lunch and dinner as well 😉…..not joking guys, we really did!!!

The cake where really soft and moist. When it sandwiched with the white chocolate cream cheese frosting, you will feel like you are having white chocolate cheesecake with cake base!!! If you are cheese lover like me, you will get hooked with this frosting!!! Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Valentines day fast approaching, I thought this is the perfect time to share this scrumptious recipe here, we personally don’t celebrate this particular day though. “Happy valentine’s day” for those who are celebrating!! Make this red velvet cake for your love, you will be loved more 😉….take my words 😍!!


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White chocolate and Cranberry Muffins

White chocolate and cranberry muffins

Jan already half way through….can you believe it?!Days are simply flying!!!! I am so late for the first post for the year 2018 huh?!! But glad that I showed up 1st month itself. Our unexpected and unplanned short holiday trip, and its hangover took these while for me to back on track again.Hope you all had wonderful holidays!Here I am with our current favorite, white chocolate and cranberry muffins.

I was feeling to Bake more and more on these wintery days. There is nothing cozy than a hot cup of tea and some baked goodies these evenings. And the day you baked something, your home will smell amazing…..I do enjoy that a lot –  one among the sweet little happiness of the home bakers.

Tender muffins with sweet & tart cranberries and white chocolate, with hint of orange zest….mmmmm they were sooo good! I am addicted to those fragrance of citrus fruits. I am telling you, you won’t be stopping this at one. I had before, during and after clicking the photos….don’t take me wrong, it was my lunch on that day hehe…..No wonder why I am struggling to stay in shape 😉 …. some of the days my lunch used to be with these kind of stuff ;-)….I don’t really cook for myself, if there is nothing left over for lunch….

weekend lazzy breakfast can be handled peacefully if I Bake muffins/pound cakes on Fridays, and it will run through out the week to suppress your little hunger anytime of the day too. Late night hunger of him after having early dinner also will be sorted out with these. Best part of baking these muffins are, they can be whipped up in just 15 minutes. You don’t need to take out all those mixers, just a bowl and spatula will do the work. As simple as mixing dry to the wet. Since I used dry cranberries, these can be prepared throughout the year and you can get dried cranberries every where now a days. Blueberries also would be great alternative to it.

Anyways lets see the recipe…..

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No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd

No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd

Dessert is always my weak area and I may avoid my main meal to dig in to the dessert and fill my tummy with those deliciousness. Cheesecake is in my top favorite desserts, love those creamy lusciousness with mildly sweet crust. Have you checked my absolutely delicious Dulce De Leche Cheesecake?

Do you know why I love this white chocolate cheesecake soo much??!!They are so incredibly delicious ,easy to make,Creamy and simplyyyy melt in you mouth, I can make this ahead and more over, its No Bake Cheesecake tooo!!!!. There is no gelatin added. Hmmm what I poured on top to get that tangy balance……yes my favorite Lemon Curd. No mood for lemon curd??!! Top it with your other favorite fruit topping or Simply opt it out guys…. it taste great by its own! Please use good quality eating chocolate if you wish to get best cheesecake (No baking chocolate please).

I made this cheesecake when we invited my friend and family here for dinner and we simply enjoyed it to the bit. When we plan for inviting someone here, first thing I will start thinking is “What I will make for dessert”?!!! and I always make something which I can make a day or two ahead. There are two reason why I wanna make it ahead of time –  One if at all dessert experiment is failing, I have enough time for plan B 😉 and second is next day I can completely spend my time on main meal (which mostly I make Indian meals, as I wanted to introduce our Indian cuisines to Uzbek guests).

This pictures were clicked in hurry just an hour before guest arrive and sun was about to set too, somehow managed to get few clicks. You might be thinking why can’t I make those desserts some other day when no guests and take pictures. If I make those delicious goodies for our 2 member family, hubby will take only a slice or at the most second slice next day!! Finally I will end up indulge in it and finish off all those without any doubt! But weighting scale won’t show mercy on me guys ;-), huh I put on weight soo fast :(.  I envy those ladies who dig in so much and still maintain their curves :(. Anyways it taste soo great than it looks for sure!!! Ingredients are very easily available and no much fuss too!

No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd


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