Lahmacun / Lahmajoon

Lahmajun/ lahmacun (Turkish pizza)

Lahmacun/Lahmajun is a thin round crust topped with spiced minced meat masala and baked to the perfection. This is also known as “Turkish Pizza”. It’s a very popular turkish/Armenian/Middle Eastern dish.

One of our favorite menu item in turkish restaurant here in Tashkent. While ordering food, we never used to think twice to order this exotic dish. I always wanted to put my hands on Lahmacun preparation and book marked this recipe long back.But some how it took this long to come out of my oven.

During Ramadhan we never have food from outside. So when I got minced meat, first thing came to my mind was this  yummyy dish to prepare for Iftar. Once it is in your oven, your house will fill with the irresistible smell of Lahmacun and will vanish from your table when served hot. Addition of parsley leaves are very important and it gives this dish a distinct aroma and taste.

Lahmacun is always our favorite and hope you will also start enjoying it as much as we do.


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Baked Erachi Ada (Malabar style Meat Pockets)

Baked erachi ada (Malabar meat pockets)

Erachi ada/Irachi Ada is one of the popular and tasty crescent-shaped Malabar snack. Which is prepared during Iftar and also as evening snack. Without Erachi Ada and Unnakaya/kayi ada(Stuffed plantain) our snack platter won’t complete. Whether it is for Iftar or tea time party or anything. Traditionally beef is used to make Erachi Ada

This is my hubby’s favorite and from 1st day of Ramadhan he started asking, Why are you not making Erachi ada (Meat pockets). I was literally lazy to make this meat pockets, especially during Ramadhan, because I don’t like to play with dough and roll it by standing for long time. For me its a big job 😉 . Back home, when my mom start making all kind of snacks with dough, I will simply disappear from that area. But I love to eat those if someone makes and give.

Since he was asking for this everyday, I planned to make a big batch and freeze some. Yes this will freeze really well. If you don’t have a helping hand to divide your work, you can make meat filling previous day and the dough and assembling on the next day,.

Usually we used to make this deep-fried, but I really wanted to avoid as much oil fried as possible during Ramadan…. I baked those little pockets. Believe me, baked erachi ada also taste great. Once you started baking, I am sure you won’t deep fry it again.

Anyways lets see the recipe…..

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Kheema Dhal (Minced Meat with Lentil – Indian Style)

Kheema Dhal (Minced Meat with Lentil - Indian Style)

Kheema with Dhal(Lentil) is a beautiful combination goes very well with roti,chapathi, rice, Layered Paratha,any bread, Unsweetened Kalathappam(Rice cake) etc.I made it with Indian masala and this is little more on spicier side. You can use any dhal(lentil) and I used Chana Dhal (Splitted chick pea). I also  tried with Masoor Dhal (Red lentil) and both came out well.

I wasn’t aware of this tasty dish before. Once my hubby brought Kheema(minced meat) and asked me to make kheema dhal. When he was in college hostel, they used to cook food by themself. So his north India friends used to make this Kheema Dhal occasionally. Thats how I started making this and added to our menu.

I made it my own way and it came out well. Tried second time with some more fine tuning and here it is for you.

Here are other Recipes with Minced meat  if you love to see.


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Spicy Mutton Chops Masala

Spicy mutton chops masala

We Indians always prefer to go with spicy dishes and here is another spicy side dish for you. I cooked this mutton chops without adding a single drop of water! Yes…you heard it right! No water has been added to cook the mutton. Only moisture from onion and tomato helped to cook the meat. Quite interesting right?!  It was delicious too!!

Aromatic combination of all spices with tender meat… aww it was heavenly! I served it with chapathi and cucumber raita. It was really an amazing combination. This will also go very well with white rice/ ghee rice, Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha , any other flat bread, Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake), pathiri, Chinese Steamed Bun etc….

I will give you one Tip for cooking mutton. Even if you are using pressure cooker or any other vessel to cook the mutton (for any other recipes), before adding water to cook the meat, simply saute it for some time in the oil first. After that you can add water if recipe asks to do it (usually we add mutton and water together in pressure cooker for Indian curry and all).Then you will get juicy and tender mutton.

Give your family a feast with this recipe, when you cook mutton next time. And let me know how you enjoyed it 😊.

Recipe inspired from Chef  Herpal Singh’s show. Lets get started……

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Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken

Indo chinese chilli garlic chicken

Here is another side dish and my first chicken dish to my blog. This is one of my all time favorite side dish. I remember when I was kid, my sister used to cook and experiment many varieties of dishes and Indo-chinese chilli chicken is one amongst them. She is one of the wonderful cook, which I grew up seeing.

This is my 3rd trial of chilli garlic chicken and I felt it came out well. So thought to introduce here.I served chili garlic chicken with Chinese Steamed Bun, which was an amazing combination. You can also serve it with any kind of roti, fried rice, steamed rice, chapathi, Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread) etc…

When you get chinese dishes from restaurants, most of them they add ajinomoto- a taste maker, heard which is not good for your health. Here is the recipe without the addition of ajinomoto, yet tastes amazing!

I made this dish little gravy style, if you prefer can make it dry too.

Lets get started…….

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Kheema/Minced meat Biriyani (Kannur style)

Kheema/Minced meat Biriyani (Kannur style biriyani)

Biriyani is the most famous festive dish in India, especially amongst muslim society. And biriyani varies in its tasts, texture and the method of cooking from region to region. Malabar style biriyani is one of the famous biriyani and its taste and method also differ slightly from different disctricts of malabar. Its a most aromatic rice with juicy and tendary meat or fish. And some makes it even with vegetables also.

Biriyani is the main dish in Kerala muslim wedding.Traditionally it used to be served with Alsa/Alisa(wheat is cooked with meat and spices) and accompanied by chicken/beef fry and some pickles and raitas.But now a days for wedding back home, you can’t count the number of dishes served. We will feel full after seeing all those mouth watering menu. Even then there is no game without biriyani . Biyani is the king and Alisa is the queen of all festive menu back home.

I must say, in our place people celebrate with food on wedding….all kinds of starters, main meal and desserts.When we go home for vacation, we will be surprised to see many innovative dishes with the base as authentic malabar taste especially snacks. People are getting more creative now a days 😉

Biriyani is one of my favorite dish. As I told, its taste differ from region to region, I love the way my mom and sis makes. Even my hubby’s place biriyani taste little different…but my mom’s is the best ;)….

I still remember the day I prepared my 1st biriyani after coming here in Tashkent. It was on a Eid day.Even though I know all the steps and process, I never made it all alone before. On that day I thought I made good biriyani ;)…… but now I realised it wasn’t…. practice makes everything perfect right?! After so much of trial and fine tuning….my biriyani came to perfection :)…. Today I made kheema(ground meat) biriyani, which is prepared our own kannur style. Rarely we make biriyani with kheema, but it taste lovely.

We make biriyani by putting on Dum with layers of ghee rice and meat masala. Lets see how its made…..


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Spicy Beef Curry (Kannur Style)

Malabar style beef curry is very easy to prepare,yet delicious. This beef curry is very common and widely prepared in my place (kannur) and its taste and style slightly changes from home to home.

Back home in kerala, friday special will be beef. We make beef curry with white rice or ghee rice for lunch. And for dinner, spicy beef curry usually serve with rice pathil,nei pathiri, neer dosa, Kalathappam,chapathi,kerala porotta etc…. this also very well pair with any kind of bread.

Here my hubby loves non veg, so I often makes this.This time I served this spicy beef curry with Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread) and cucumber raita. Curd in raita will set off the spiciness of the curry.This curry even taste better the next day!

Lets see how this simple,yet delicious beef curry is made…..


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Malabar style Spring Roll

Malabar spring roll

Spring roll is a perfect tea time snack or use as a starter. This one is a usual item made in every Malabar kitchen for iftar during Ramadan or evening tea time snacks. We make it at home with Indian spices filling from scratch and which can also be freeze easily for couple of weeks.

This spring roll is very easy to make with simple ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen. Thin crepes are filled with meat or vegetable masala (which you desire) and then dip it in beaten egg and coated with bread crumbs and fry. If you expect any guest, you can make this yummy snack some days ahead and freeze it or this can be served to your kids as after school snack. If you are planning to freeze it for later use, just avoid frying part, arrange it in freezer boxes/zip lock bag. When you need to use it, just pop out of the freezer an hour before and fry it.

If you are health conscious and wanna avoid frying, simply drizzle/brush some oil and put it in your oven until light golden brown instead of frying. Oven baked also will taste yummm…..and can have without any guilt too.

Lets see how its made….


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Kerala style Spicy Duck Roast

Kerala style Spicy Duck Roast

God’s Own Country – Kerala, blessed with its natural greenery and back waters. Kerala also known as “land of spices in India”. You can hear “quack quack” sounds and see ducks swimming on backwaters, especially on kuttanad side – How beautiful scene it will be!! My grandma had some ducks before on her backyard…as her lovely pet bird, when I was small kid. But now we don’t have any. Duck roast is very famous in kuttanad side of kerala, where we have so much back waters and ducks over there. This is also one of the menu item in toddy shop.

This is very first time I was cooking duck. When my hubby brought duck, I had no idea what to do with that. Then he suggested to make duck roast. I googled for recipe, but finally ended up in my own way.This is little more on spicier side, but believe me -it was a hit. Really it was finger licking spicy duck roast.

This will very well go with Lacha paratha, roti, Kalathappam (Rice cake),pathiri, appam or Rice

Lets see how its made.


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Kunji pathil/Aana pathil (rice dumplings in beef gravy)

Kunji pathil/Aana pathil (rice dumplings in beef gravy)

This delicious dumplings are called in different name…….such as Kunji pathil, Aana pathil, kozhi pidi or simply pidi and so on. But the way of preparations are almost similar. In our place we call it as Aana pathil.

It’s very bad of me that I din’t introduce any malabarian dishes yet.Malabar is in northern part of Kerala, and people over there are well known for their hospitality. If any guest arrive at home, table will be filled with variety of food,snacks and sweets. We malabarians celebrate with food. I am from north part of Malabar – Kannur.

Yes this is an authentic Malabar dish which is finger licking and lip smacking. One of my favorite dish, I love to eat this on the next day, taste will be enhanced even more. We usually make this for dinner. Small rice dumplings, cooked in steam and then mix with coconut beef/chicken gravy. During our childhood, whenever my mom make this for dinner, we children also take part in that, to make small dumplings….we all sit together and grab some of the rice and do it. It’s very interesting for us as child. We will feel so proud as a little chef 😜.

Its a bit lengthy process, but definitely worth the effort. Lets see how this dish has been made.


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