Rajma Masala (Kidney bean in coconut cream)

Kidney beans in aromatic indian spices and coconut cream is one of our way to enjoy vegetarian dish which appear on our dinner table at least once in a week. I make sure those beans/lentils are included in the menu while I am planning for the week. This creamy kidney bean curry we loves to enjoy with white rice, putt (Kerala steamed rice cake) or any Indian bread

Being a non veg fan, vegetarian dishes are accepted rarely by my man here. But this rajma masala is both of us favorite.If I am making this curry for the dinner with putt, that day is a peaceful day for me….once I soaked this in the morning, curry will be ready in no time and there is no such effort for making Putt as well. We ladies always look for easy and delicious way to cook right??? Here is one among them!!!

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Indian Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Indian Butter chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Butter Chicken  is most of us favorite side dish order when we visit restaurants. But how about someone like me who stays abroad and limited options of Indian restaurants!? Yes, home cooking is the only option. And getting restaurant like food at home it self make our loved one so happy. So here is a mouth-watering Restaurant style Butter Chicken recipe with oven grilled chicken.

Butter chicken is an Indian side dish, cooked in mildly spiced cream and tomato based gravy with chicken cooked in Tandoor(clay oven),grilled in oven or pan-fried. Mostly served with tandoori roti/Naan or any other Indian bread like Layered Paratha , Chapathi or any bread of your choice. I served this finger licking Butter chicken with Onion paratha, which was also a delicious combo.

You can use left over tandoori chicken after a barbecue party or can make the chicken ready a head of time. Keeping chicken to marinate over night makes chicken more flavorful and tender.


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Kheema Dhal (Minced Meat with Lentil – Indian Style)

Kheema Dhal (Minced Meat with Lentil - Indian Style)

Kheema with Dhal(Lentil) is a beautiful combination goes very well with roti,chapathi, rice, Layered Paratha,any bread, Unsweetened Kalathappam(Rice cake) etc.I made it with Indian masala and this is little more on spicier side. You can use any dhal(lentil) and I used Chana Dhal (Splitted chick pea). I also  tried with Masoor Dhal (Red lentil) and both came out well.

I wasn’t aware of this tasty dish before. Once my hubby brought Kheema(minced meat) and asked me to make kheema dhal. When he was in college hostel, they used to cook food by themself. So his north India friends used to make this Kheema Dhal occasionally. Thats how I started making this and added to our menu.

I made it my own way and it came out well. Tried second time with some more fine tuning and here it is for you.

Here are other Recipes with Minced meat  if you love to see.


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Spicy Mutton Chops Masala

Spicy mutton chops masala

We Indians always prefer to go with spicy dishes and here is another spicy side dish for you. I cooked this mutton chops without adding a single drop of water! Yes…you heard it right! No water has been added to cook the mutton. Only moisture from onion and tomato helped to cook the meat. Quite interesting right?!  It was delicious too!!

Aromatic combination of all spices with tender meat… aww it was heavenly! I served it with chapathi and cucumber raita. It was really an amazing combination. This will also go very well with white rice/ ghee rice, Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha , any other flat bread, Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake), pathiri, Chinese Steamed Bun etc….

I will give you one Tip for cooking mutton. Even if you are using pressure cooker or any other vessel to cook the mutton (for any other recipes), before adding water to cook the meat, simply saute it for some time in the oil first. After that you can add water if recipe asks to do it (usually we add mutton and water together in pressure cooker for Indian curry and all).Then you will get juicy and tender mutton.

Give your family a feast with this recipe, when you cook mutton next time. And let me know how you enjoyed it 😊.

Recipe inspired from Chef  Herpal Singh’s show. Lets get started……

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Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken

Indo chinese chilli garlic chicken

Here is another side dish and my first chicken dish to my blog. This is one of my all time favorite side dish. I remember when I was kid, my sister used to cook and experiment many varieties of dishes and Indo-chinese chilli chicken is one amongst them. She is one of the wonderful cook, which I grew up seeing.

This is my 3rd trial of chilli garlic chicken and I felt it came out well. So thought to introduce here.I served chili garlic chicken with Chinese Steamed Bun, which was an amazing combination. You can also serve it with any kind of roti, fried rice, steamed rice, chapathi, Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread) etc…

When you get chinese dishes from restaurants, most of them they add ajinomoto- a taste maker, heard which is not good for your health. Here is the recipe without the addition of ajinomoto, yet tastes amazing!

I made this dish little gravy style, if you prefer can make it dry too.

Lets get started…….

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Kerala style Spicy Duck Roast

Kerala style Spicy Duck Roast

God’s Own Country – Kerala, blessed with its natural greenery and back waters. Kerala also known as “land of spices in India”. You can hear “quack quack” sounds and see ducks swimming on backwaters, especially on kuttanad side – How beautiful scene it will be!! My grandma had some ducks before on her backyard…as her lovely pet bird, when I was small kid. But now we don’t have any. Duck roast is very famous in kuttanad side of kerala, where we have so much back waters and ducks over there. This is also one of the menu item in toddy shop.

This is very first time I was cooking duck. When my hubby brought duck, I had no idea what to do with that. Then he suggested to make duck roast. I googled for recipe, but finally ended up in my own way.This is little more on spicier side, but believe me -it was a hit. Really it was finger licking spicy duck roast.

This will very well go with Lacha paratha, roti, Kalathappam (Rice cake),pathiri, appam or Rice

Lets see how its made.


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Kerala style Liver Fry

Kerala style liver fry

Kerala style liver fry is absolutely finger licking side dish, liver pressure cooked and then slowly fried in coconut oil. Its really aromatic with all those spices and we always used to lick the last bit of it.

This liver fry will very well go with any Rice dishes, Parathas ,Vellayappam or with Kannur special Unsweetened Kalathappam.This is my hubby’s one of favorite dish which I make. He loves our Kerala dishes the most.


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Beans and capsicum/bell pepper stir fry

Beans and bell pepper stir fry


Vegetarian stir fries are one of unavoidable dish in Kerala lunch and today I am with a stir fry with Bell pepper/Capsicum and beans.They are soo flavorful & healthy side dish and very easy to prepare. And those stir fries are part of Onam Sadhya too. To get the authentic taste of Kerala dish, I highly recommend to use coconut oil and spluttering of mustard seeds and cumin gives this dish a great aroma.

I got alot of farmer’s fresh capsicum and tomatoes from a village guy here.His parents do farming back to their village.When they harvest, they used to send me potatoes,apples,tomatoes etc…… Got lots of farm fresh veggies and making every possible use of it. So I thought  will add a dish with capsicum to today’s menu.

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Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin curry (Kerala style pumpkin curry)

Pumpkin cooked with flavorful coconut milk and lightly spiced and finally topped with mustard seeds and coconut oil Tadka.

I always prefer to make veg varieties for our sunday lunch…mostly our kerala style dishes with hot rice.
I usually cook with the ingredients available,rather than taking recipes and find the ingredients.when winter starts,we get alot of pumpkin here in tashkent with so many varieties – in different colors and style.So this sundays menu,i added my all time favorite dish – pumpkim curry.

My mom used to make tasty pumpkin curry…and this is her recipe. We enjoy it with hot rice and spicy beef….Usually she used to make it on fridays because in our place in kerala…we get fresh beef on fridays…..omg its really yummmy.

We can make so many sweet and savory dishes with pumpkin, and check out my Pumpkin & Dates Halwa , Pumpkin Payasam Panna cotta,  Pumpkin Soup,and Pumpkin Pie.

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