Roasted Butternut squash soup (Pumpkin soup)

Roasted butternut squash soup

Soup is there on my menu at least twice or thrice in a week especially during these winter days. We really need a bowl of soup to warm ourselves up.Butternut squash is in season and this soup comes very often now a days on our dinner table.

Even without adding any cream or dairy, this soup is really velvety and creamy, highly satisfying and healthy too. Roasted butternut enhance the flavor for sure, the smell of roasted squash will tempt you to have couple of spoon soon after coming out of the oven. I had few table spoon before adding them to the soup ;-).It taste great if properly seasoned. I really love pumpkin/butternut squash, either its in sweet or savory. You can see some of my favorite pumpkin/butternut squash recipes here. They are really high in fiber and nutritional bomb.

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Pumpkin Payasam Panna Cotta

Pumpkin payasam panna cotta

Another really simple dessert – Pumpkin Payasam Panna Cotta, Indo-italian Fusion Dessert. Sounds interesting right?? Yes, fusion of two of my favorite desserts, Payasam (Kerala Special dessert) and Panna Cotta (Italian Dessert).

I love the veggy Pumpkin and it goes very well with both sweet and savory dishes. Very first post of my blog is also with pumpkin, that was Pumpkin curry, a savory version which I always used to make when I get the pumpkin. And also made few other Sweet recipes with pumpkin (Check it out).

Back home when Mom buy pumpkin, usually we demands for pumpkin payasam, it is really delicious.Sweetend with jaggery and flavored with cardamom powder and taste of coconut milk gives this Panna cotta a real Kerala traditional taste. Gave a topping of cashew and coconut crumple, that gave this creamy Dessert a real crunchy delight.

When I was thinking of a dessert for weekend, happend to watch my favorite channel Living Foodz and inspred by show hosted by chef Rakhi Vishwani’s Payasam Panna Cotta. We enjoyed this creamy sweety dessert after our weekend lunch. Hope you too gonna love this.

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Pumpkin and Dates Pudding/Halwa

Pumpkin and dates halwa

Pumpkin is a very versatile veggyyy and one of my favorite too… it goes very well with both sweet and savory dishes. Very first post of my blog was a savory side dish with pumpkin – Pumpkin Curry.

This dessert idea I got from my cousin S, who is a contestant of a cooking reality show,playing in Kerala local channel. This was a winner recipe on that day and judges loved it and gave very good comment. He did it with pumpkin and berry and I didn’t have berries handy since this halwa was planned last minute for my guest as a dessert. And here as well it was a winner, my guest too loved it. They packed and took some with them.

Anyways……My wishes and prayers are always with him….good luck bro…keep going!!👍

This is a rich dessert,yet nutritious.You get the nutrition from pumpkin and dates. Added roasted cashew for crunchiness. Addition of milk and condensed milk gave little more richness. Touch of ghee gave this pumpkin dessert an extra punch. This was heavenly!!! I am sure you gonna enjoy every bit of it!

If your kids doesn’t love vegetables, this is the best idea to make them eat….the power pack of Vitamins – Pumpkin!!! They will be happy to have dessert and you can be satisfied of making them eat some veg.

Lets see how this simple and easy dessert made…..

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Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin curry (Kerala style pumpkin curry)

Pumpkin cooked with flavorful coconut milk and lightly spiced and finally topped with mustard seeds and coconut oil Tadka.

I always prefer to make veg varieties for our sunday lunch…mostly our kerala style dishes with hot rice.
I usually cook with the ingredients available,rather than taking recipes and find the ingredients.when winter starts,we get alot of pumpkin here in tashkent with so many varieties – in different colors and style.So this sundays menu,i added my all time favorite dish – pumpkim curry.

My mom used to make tasty pumpkin curry…and this is her recipe. We enjoy it with hot rice and spicy beef….Usually she used to make it on fridays because in our place in kerala…we get fresh beef on fridays…..omg its really yummmy.

We can make so many sweet and savory dishes with pumpkin, and check out my Pumpkin & Dates Halwa , Pumpkin Payasam Panna cotta,  Pumpkin Soup,and Pumpkin Pie.

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