Poffertjes (Dutch Mini Pancakes)

Poffertjes Recipe (Dutch Mini Pancakes) Yeast Pan cake

A classic dutch treat, fluffier mini pancakes are foolproof and easier recipe for weekend breakfast or brunch.They made with regular flour and buck wheat flour, used yeast for fluffier texture and simply served with generous amount of softened butter and powdered sugar. A breakfast couldn’t be easier and tastier than this – hmmm not exaggerating guys, they are soo good. Do try once.

We have been to Amsterdam Recently (what a beautiful place to be – one of the place where we wanna go back again!! May be i will write about it in detail in some other post!). And first thing I wanted to try from there was mini cute Peffertjes. As a foodie, before we go, I read about Amsterdam cuisines and dishes I could try from there and made sure we tasted most of them from the native place. We got to try them from Albert Cuyp market, which was recommended by a shop keeper lady in Amsterdam. We had no plan to go to the market, but I very much wanted to taste it and we couldn’t get it from Amsterdam Central, we decided to go there.

Poffertjes are traditionally made in cast iron Poffertjes pan, which has a dozen of cavities. Since I was not owing them, I used our “Karayappam chatti/Unniyappam chatti” (Pan which used to make Kerala’s own snack- Unniappam) which has more deeper cavities than Poffertjes pan. I filled them half way, so that I can get some what similar shape of it.

You can also substitute buck wheat flour with all purpose flour alone, if it is not available.

Poffertjes Recipe (Dutch Mini Pancakes) Yeast Pan cake


If you wanna serve Poffertjes more romantic and glamorous way 😉 top them with whipped cream and few red & sweet strawberries. Or some fruit jams and fresh cream would be a great idea too. Why not some drizzles of chocolate sauce??!! Serve them your favorite way guys. But don’t forget to try good old traditional way of butter and powdered sugar. Lemme know in comment how did you enjoy them?

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