Sweet chatti pathiri with Apple and cheese filling (Atti pathil/Atti pathiri)

Sweet chatti pathiri with apple and cheese (Attipathil/ chatti pathil)

This is my first ever post for MFB monthly challenge and the theme is “Ramadan memories”. Thank you so much Rafeeda letting me know about this group and events!! I would have chosen something with plantain as ramadan’s most memorable snack, but unfortunately I can only dream of preparing plantain snacks here 🙁 , plantain not available here.Then came to my mind was famous and very own Malabar snack – Chatti pathiri. We make it both sweet and Savory versions. For sometimes I was thinking to make sweet chatti pathiri with a twist to usual egg filling. And finally here it is – Layered with apple and recotta/farmers cheese.

In malabar which Iftar table will pass without chatti pathiri atleast once?!They can be prepared easily and very filling too. And this version of mine was absolutely delicious. Apple and recotta with hint of cinnamon really paired well! And those ghee fried cashew gave our kerala touch. You just need to prepare the filing and crepe, then layer and cook in very low flame!! Sweet chatti pathiri with apple and cheese (Attipathil/ chatti pathil)

Here is my Savory Chatti Pathiri if you have not tried yet!  

Lets see the recipe of sweet version. Dont worry by seeing the lengthy process, it’s very simple to prepare 🙂


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Kayi Ada/Unna Kaya (Stuffed Plantain-Fried)

Kayi ada Unna kaya (Stuffed plantain)

Here is one of my all time favorite recipe for you. I love love and love anything with plantain. Kayi Ada/Unna kaya is one of the most popular snacks of Malabar. This delicious snack will be there on all occasions. Without Kayi ada and Erachi Ada (Malabar style Meat Pockets) no snack platters of Malabarians especially Kannur side will complete. These are king and queen of snacks of Malabar ;). This is one among the easiest ,yet delicious melt in your mouth snacks.

Sadly we won’t get this delicious and my favourite plantain here :(. I have to wait for vacation to indulge in this sweet beauty. These Kayi ada pictures I took when went home last December, and now I have to satisfy my self by seeing the pictures ;(.

Mashed plantains are stuffed with sweet filling, either coconuts or eggs, or else by mixing both eggs and coconuts. Both the ways it is yummilicious. Fried cashew nuts and raisins gives little crunchy and chewy texture.Dash of cardamom powder and ghee (clarified butter) gives mouthwatering aroma. How can someone not love this simple and delicious combo?!

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Savory Chatti Pathiri (Atti Pathiri/Atti Pathal)

Here is another famous and delicious Malabar snack – Chatti Pathiri/Atti pathal/Atti pathiri. This yummy snack hold its place on Iftar table and other festival parties or simply as evening snacks. This Malabar delicacy made in both sweet and savory versions.  By its look, chatti pathiri is very similar to Italian Lasagna. Crepes are  layered with meat fillings and cooked in lowest flame or baked in the oven.

Since my hubby loves savory snacks for Iftar, I prefer to make Malabar savory snacks for him. Chatti pathiri is very filling and you can also make this as a dinner item. Filling can be made ahead of time and making crepe and assembling can be done simultaneously on the day you prepare Chatti pathiri.

Preparation is little bit lengthy process but delicious treat is assured at the end. Filling can be done as you desire, I made filling with chicken in authentic north Malabar style.


malabar savory chattipathiri

This yummy dish is called by different names in various regions of malabar.But method of preparations are almost similar. Anyways here is the recipe for you.


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Baked Erachi Ada (Malabar style Meat Pockets)

Baked erachi ada (Malabar meat pockets)

Erachi ada/Irachi Ada is one of the popular and tasty crescent-shaped Malabar snack. Which is prepared during Iftar and also as evening snack. Without Erachi Ada and Unnakaya/kayi ada(Stuffed plantain) our snack platter won’t complete. Whether it is for Iftar or tea time party or anything. Traditionally beef is used to make Erachi Ada

This is my hubby’s favorite and from 1st day of Ramadhan he started asking, Why are you not making Erachi ada (Meat pockets). I was literally lazy to make this meat pockets, especially during Ramadhan, because I don’t like to play with dough and roll it by standing for long time. For me its a big job 😉 . Back home, when my mom start making all kind of snacks with dough, I will simply disappear from that area. But I love to eat those if someone makes and give.

Since he was asking for this everyday, I planned to make a big batch and freeze some. Yes this will freeze really well. If you don’t have a helping hand to divide your work, you can make meat filling previous day and the dough and assembling on the next day,.

Usually we used to make this deep-fried, but I really wanted to avoid as much oil fried as possible during Ramadan…. I baked those little pockets. Believe me, baked erachi ada also taste great. Once you started baking, I am sure you won’t deep fry it again.

Anyways lets see the recipe…..

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Egg Bonda/Pakora (Egg Fritters)

Egg bonda/fritters/pakoras

Egg bonda is one of the Indian snack with simple ingredients,which you can put together easily. Hard boiled eggs are stuffed with aromatic, little spicy filling and deep fried by dipping in maida(all purpose flour) batter.There are different variations of egg bonda across the region, and this is how we make at home.

This snack is often made at home during iftar or as evening tea time snack. This pakora also made if any guests arrive without any notice, because this can be made with ingredients easily available in all kitchen like egg,onion,ginger garlic paste, green chilli,maida……….

This egg pakora/bonda I made for a Uzbek guest here, mainly because, when we went to their home, we were talking about Indian food and snacks. First thing they were saying about Indian snack was Pakoras. So I made this snack with some other snacks. I made it less spicy, because people here are not used with so much of hot and spiciness as we usually have.

Anyways….lets see how this Egg bonda/pakora/fritters made……

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Panineer Petti (Crepe stuffed with sweetened Egg mixture)

Panineer Petti (Crepe stuffed with sweetened Egg mixture)

Hey all…..Its been a month I am away from blogging world. Was on vacation. Went home….as you all know,was busy every single day there!! Now back to pavilion…..started normal routine!

By the way….belated happy new year to all!! 1st post of 2016….so thought I will start with a sweet dish…..a malabar sweet snack…. “panineer petti” (panineer means rose flower and petti means box). This snack has got a shape of box, but I don’t know why they gave name panineer….I guess may be the layers are so soft and tender as rose petals(this is just my own guess ;)). Other than that, it doesn’t have any connection with rose flower.

Panineer petti is usual item on iftar table, or evening snack. This easy item can be made for your kids as after school snack. I also served this soft and tender sweet box for my guest as a dessert after lunch and dinner party here, and they really loved it.


Ingredients for panineer petti will be easily available in your pantry and can be made within no time. Thin crepes are filled with egg-coconut sweet mixture and chopped cashew for crunchiness, then flavoured with cardamom powder. Served with sugar syrup for extra sweetness!! It can be made without coconut also. But I love the taste of coconut in it.

Lets see how its made….

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Malabar style Spring Roll

Malabar spring roll

Spring roll is a perfect tea time snack or use as a starter. This one is a usual item made in every Malabar kitchen for iftar during Ramadan or evening tea time snacks. We make it at home with Indian spices filling from scratch and which can also be freeze easily for couple of weeks.

This spring roll is very easy to make with simple ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen. Thin crepes are filled with meat or vegetable masala (which you desire) and then dip it in beaten egg and coated with bread crumbs and fry. If you expect any guest, you can make this yummy snack some days ahead and freeze it or this can be served to your kids as after school snack. If you are planning to freeze it for later use, just avoid frying part, arrange it in freezer boxes/zip lock bag. When you need to use it, just pop out of the freezer an hour before and fry it.

If you are health conscious and wanna avoid frying, simply drizzle/brush some oil and put it in your oven until light golden brown instead of frying. Oven baked also will taste yummm…..and can have without any guilt too.

Lets see how its made….


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