Meat balls in white creamy sauce

Meat balls in white creamy sauce

During early days of my culinary journey, I had a lot of disastrous cooking experiments.I used to make only usual classic Indian dishes in which I was comfortable. The thing is I was least bothered about cooking area till I came to tashkent. When I became the head of home making department, started learning more about cooking.During that time, used to make skype calls back home even for soo basic things and google as well came for my rescue (Still it does). Mom,sis and sis in law guided me and now guess what???I started giving them recipes and tips ;). Haha I really didn’t mean that I became super cook, of course they are more experienced, now I have more ideas about what each elements and measurements makes difference in each dishes & cuisines and easily can twist to family taste and preferences. Now started using new ingredients & tastes which I was not grown up with!!

As someone said experience is the best teacher, my trial and error experiments gave me confidence for trying new new recipes out of my comfort zone. Minced meat is one of my favorite ingredient, I used to make many variety and styles of dishes with this. Meat is hubby’s favorite item too. But he likes our Indianish preferably Kerala dishes always. I used to get bored with same kind of taste and he agreed to have something different from our usual niche once in a week for main meal.

This meat ball with creamy sauce is soo comforting and goes very well with rice , any bread of your choice or mashed potatoes too. Not loaded with sooo much of spices, cute little pan seared balls paired very well with this simple creamy sauce. Very simple recipe, easily available ingredients with three small steps – make meat balls, pan fry it, whip up the sauce and mix the fried meat balls and you are ready to go. We served it with boiled basmathi rice and once had with Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread too.

Hope you will like as much we did, don’t forget to give the feedback.

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Chinese Steamed Bun

Chinese steamed bun

Soft and fluffy, steamed buns all the way from China. They can be prepared with easily available ingredients and you don’t need oven to make these delicious buns.

During our Delhi stay, even though we walked a zillion times in front of this restaurant when we were roaming around in CP, never got into it. During our last visit to India, finally we decided to try some Chinese food from there. I am talking about ‘China garden restaurant’ in Delhi, CP -G block. We stayed just near by this restaurant on our last visit. Every morning when we get down from hotel, I used to tell my hubby that we must try this restaurant this time. A day before our flight to Tashkent, it was a very tiry day, busy schedules….so many things to do before going back and favorite part of Delhi visit – shopping too…We were really tired and hungry after a tight day. Left all our shopping bags and everything at the hotel, we decided to go to China garden restaurants.

We were surprised to see the crowd inside. From outside the restaurant, we cant see what is going on there. Absolutely loved the ambiance. Very good service. Above all, tastiest food. I must say, Tastiest Chinese food I have ever had before.Menu has got lot many varieties. We were impatient to spend time to go through all the items. Finally we decided to order a hot and sour soup to start with, chilli crab(both of us love crab), chinese duck roast(his favorite) and something with chicken( i forgot the name of that dish) with chinese steamed bun as main meal and Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream) as dessert. I never had chinese steamed bun before. To be honest, I didn’t even know there is something like this existed. He had it before with his friends, so we decided to go for it. If you are ever being at Connaught Place at delhi and love to try chinese, I recommend this restaurant.

They served hot steamed bun in a bamboo steamer, which was soft and fluffyy. Both bun and bamboo steamer caught my eyes…. soo cute (wanna own one such steamer  ;)…it was really cute….I am sure if my mom sees it, she will definitely get it before me 😍).

On that day I told my hubby, I will definitely try to make this bun as soon as I reach tashkent. Some how it took 2 months for me to try. I was really happy with the result. Didn’t think that it will come out well at my first trial.

I served this cute bun with Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken, and jullian cut carrot and cucumber.

Lets get started…..

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Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread)

Layered paratha (lacha paratha)

Parathas are a traditional staple food of Southern Asia. There are different varieties of parathas across the region. One of the most popular parathas is Potato stuffed Indian flat bread (Aloo paratha) which I have posted already. The main ingredients of any parathas are whole wheat powder, water,salt and ghee or oil, with this we can add lot many varieties of veggies, meat,cheese etc.

Layer paratha doesn’t have any stuffing. Few layers are created by spreading oil/ghee between the layers, which gives this paratha more flavor and little crispiness. There are few different methods for preparing lacha paratha. Traditionally, parathas are prepared for breakfast or dinner with some curry or raitas and pickles. You can even have this with evening cup of tea as it is.

I served this with Kannur style Spicy Beef Curry. You can have this with any veg or non veg curries/side dishes such as Mixed dal and Vegetable Kurma , Kerala style Spicy Duck RoastLiver Fry etc…..

This layer paratha doesn’t require any preplanning, can be prepared with ingredients readily available in almost all kitchen.


Lets see how this easy layered parathas are made…..


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Kheema/Minced meat Biriyani (Kannur style)

Kheema/Minced meat Biriyani (Kannur style biriyani)

Biriyani is the most famous festive dish in India, especially amongst muslim society. And biriyani varies in its tasts, texture and the method of cooking from region to region. Malabar style biriyani is one of the famous biriyani and its taste and method also differ slightly from different disctricts of malabar. Its a most aromatic rice with juicy and tendary meat or fish. And some makes it even with vegetables also.

Biriyani is the main dish in Kerala muslim wedding.Traditionally it used to be served with Alsa/Alisa(wheat is cooked with meat and spices) and accompanied by chicken/beef fry and some pickles and raitas.But now a days for wedding back home, you can’t count the number of dishes served. We will feel full after seeing all those mouth watering menu. Even then there is no game without biriyani . Biyani is the king and Alisa is the queen of all festive menu back home.

I must say, in our place people celebrate with food on wedding….all kinds of starters, main meal and desserts.When we go home for vacation, we will be surprised to see many innovative dishes with the base as authentic malabar taste especially snacks. People are getting more creative now a days 😉

Biriyani is one of my favorite dish. As I told, its taste differ from region to region, I love the way my mom and sis makes. Even my hubby’s place biriyani taste little different…but my mom’s is the best ;)….

I still remember the day I prepared my 1st biriyani after coming here in Tashkent. It was on a Eid day.Even though I know all the steps and process, I never made it all alone before. On that day I thought I made good biriyani ;)…… but now I realised it wasn’t…. practice makes everything perfect right?! After so much of trial and fine tuning….my biriyani came to perfection :)…. Today I made kheema(ground meat) biriyani, which is prepared our own kannur style. Rarely we make biriyani with kheema, but it taste lovely.

We make biriyani by putting on Dum with layers of ghee rice and meat masala. Lets see how its made…..


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Spicy Beef Curry (Kannur Style)

Malabar style beef curry is very easy to prepare,yet delicious. This beef curry is very common and widely prepared in my place (kannur) and its taste and style slightly changes from home to home.

Back home in kerala, friday special will be beef. We make beef curry with white rice or ghee rice for lunch. And for dinner, spicy beef curry usually serve with rice pathil,nei pathiri, neer dosa, Kalathappam,chapathi,kerala porotta etc…. this also very well pair with any kind of bread.

Here my hubby loves non veg, so I often makes this.This time I served this spicy beef curry with Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread) and cucumber raita. Curd in raita will set off the spiciness of the curry.This curry even taste better the next day!

Lets see how this simple,yet delicious beef curry is made…..


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Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake)

Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake)

Kalathappam is a Rice cake – a north Malabar delicacy,which is prepared both sweetened and unsweetened. Sweetened version prepared using gaggery and usually served as a snack item. Unsweetened kalathappam usually accompany with spicy curries, served for breakfast or dinner.

Kapathappam is one of the easiest dish which usually makes at home for breakfast or dinner. It just need to pour the prepared whole batter into a deep pan and cooked in low flame. If mom wanna go somewhere, or she is busy with some other thing, mom used to opt for this yummy rice cake. Now when I started my culinary journey, I do the same thing. If i am lazy to stand in kitchen for long time, I go for this. Or if we are planning for any trip next day morning -used to prepare this previous day night, so that morning breakfast will be easy, peaceful and filling. This can also be packed on the go and have it with some sugar/honey/dates syrup or unsweetened kalathappam is simply delicious by its own without any accompaniment.

The combination of coconut,onion and fennel seeds with rice gives Kalathappam a tasty flavor.

Lets see how this easy and tasty dish is made.

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Uzbek Plov (Pilaf)

Uzbek Plov (Pilaf)

Uzbek plov/Pilaf is a famous national food of Uzbekistan. They make this for all the special occasions, like we make Biriyani in India. Initially, the taste and flavor of food we get here – especially uzbek/russian cuisine was not so appealing to me. Whenever we go out, I used to fill my self with salads and uzbek bread called lipiyoshka and black tea. But now I am in love with uzbek food. Here as wedding celebration, there is a tradition of serving the plov to guests, that too early morning starts around 5 ‘O clock. I was like “what!!!!” when I heard this first time. I never been for such function, but I still wonder how people can have such a heavy meal early in the morning.

This plov first I had from Karshi (a city in uzbekistan) my hubby’s one of colleague made it for us. At that time I felt its not so bad. Then again we bought from a plov centre here in tashkent, which was also tasty, but very heavy. Then i came to know that they use animal fats instead of oil to make the food rich and tasty, thats why it is very heavy. Here uzbek people are meat and fat lovers.

Uzbek plov vary in its style of making across the region. But I couldn’t find much differences in taste. When Ii made this first time, I kept a back up plan, if at all it din’t come out well 😜….don’t wanna take  risk. But believe me…it was more tastier than the restaurant one and easier than our indian biriyani. I felt proud myself…Yes made uzbek plov 😋….

lets see how its made.


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Green gram and rice in coconut milk (Cherupayar Kichari)

Green gram and rice in coconut milk (Cherupayar Kichari)

Weekend lunch are always special for us. Because we both have lunch together only on weekends. Week days he wont be able to come home for lunch. So we make it something heavy. Usually our Kerala style dishes. So this week-end I planned to make something which I never tried before. Actually I came to know about this dish when I was talking to my cousin sufaira. I was asking her if she know some old dishes which is not so popular now. Then her mom ( my aunt) suggested this one. After sometime,when i called my mom, i asked about this dish and she explained me how to make this.

This is really simple dish, with the goodness of green gram dal and flavour of coconut milk, which will really make you full. I served this yummmy dish with Malabar style spicy beef curry. You can enjoy it with Kerala Liver Fry ,  Chicken Kurma  Kerala style duck roast or finger licking Mutton Chops masala , Mutton Kuruma or any other curry of your choice. Lets see how its made…

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Aloo paratha (Potato stuffed Indian flat bread)

Aloo paratha (Potato stuffed Indian flat bread)

Indian cuisines differ with states or even districts. Aloo paratha is a famous breakfast item in north,central part of India.Even though it is traditionally used as breakfast item,it can be taken at any time of the day… Boiled potatoes lightly spiced up and stuffed in whole wheat dough, then cooked in hot griddle.

Our favorite shopping destination is our own capital city – Delhi.I fell in love with aloo stuffed paratha during our delhi trip.Hot aloo paratha with lemon pickle…and hot cup of coffee…. woww…what else you want??!!what a delicious way to start a day!! We do shop for hours after a power pack breakfast with this or after roaming around in CP(Conaught Place – one of the famous business/shopping destination in delhi), we fuel up with hot aloo paratha – you dont need to wait for long after ordering :).

Another place where we enjoy Aloo paratha is Delhi airport food court ;). Usually our flight to tashkent used to be at midnight. So our dinner on that day will be from airport food court.My husband will be searching what he wanna eat (he will be confused and used to end up in some fast food), but i go directly to aloo paratha counter,order one and a filter coffee from “Vangoo” (Tamil food stall).

You can also pack this for your kids in tiffins to school, no need of curry and other mess up. its really filling tooo.

There are alot of varieties of Aloo paratha. It differ with technique of preparation and stuffing.

Its very easy to make and tastyy tooo….ingredients are easily available… what are you waiting for?….lets gets started.

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