No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd

No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd

Dessert is always my weak area and I may avoid my main meal to dig in to the dessert and fill my tummy with those deliciousness. Cheesecake is in my top favorite desserts, love those creamy lusciousness with mildly sweet crust. Have you checked my absolutely delicious Dulce De Leche Cheesecake?

Do you know why I love this white chocolate cheesecake soo much??!!They are so incredibly delicious ,easy to make,Creamy and simplyyyy melt in you mouth, I can make this ahead and more over, its No Bake Cheesecake tooo!!!!. There is no gelatin added. Hmmm what I poured on top to get that tangy balance……yes my favorite Lemon Curd. No mood for lemon curd??!! Top it with your other favorite fruit topping or Simply opt it out guys…. it taste great by its own! Please use good quality eating chocolate if you wish to get best cheesecake (No baking chocolate please).

I made this cheesecake when we invited my friend and family here for dinner and we simply enjoyed it to the bit. When we plan for inviting someone here, first thing I will start thinking is “What I will make for dessert”?!!! and I always make something which I can make a day or two ahead. There are two reason why I wanna make it ahead of time –  One if at all dessert experiment is failing, I have enough time for plan B 😉 and second is next day I can completely spend my time on main meal (which mostly I make Indian meals, as I wanted to introduce our Indian cuisines to Uzbek guests).

This pictures were clicked in hurry just an hour before guest arrive and sun was about to set too, somehow managed to get few clicks. You might be thinking why can’t I make those desserts some other day when no guests and take pictures. If I make those delicious goodies for our 2 member family, hubby will take only a slice or at the most second slice next day!! Finally I will end up indulge in it and finish off all those without any doubt! But weighting scale won’t show mercy on me guys ;-), huh I put on weight soo fast :(.  I envy those ladies who dig in so much and still maintain their curves :(. Anyways it taste soo great than it looks for sure!!! Ingredients are very easily available and no much fuss too!

No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd


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Aish el saraya (Middle eastern pudding with bread and custard)

Aish el saraya (Middle eastern pudding with bread and custard)

Here is another Middle eastern dessert – Aish el saraya which literally means “palace bread”. The bottom layered with bread and topped with milk pudding/ custard. This luxurious Lebanese treat can be prepared with simple and easy steps and minimal ingredients. A perfect summer dessert too.

Eid is already at the door step and muslims all around the globe is waiting to celebrate after a month-long auspicious days of fasting. Ladies must have started thinking and arranging the menu for the Eid day and here is a small treat from my side to make your life easier, a delectable dessert – Aish el saraya. You don’t need to put all your energy and time to make this melt in your mouth dessert, prepare the day before eid and you can spend your rest of the time in prayers and other things, Insha allah!

This scrumptious eggless bread pudding is flavored with rose-water and orange blossom water and it is simply comforting dessert. Topped with lots of chopped almonds and pistachios which for sure give this creamy and smooth pudding something to get crunched. Aish el saraya (Middle eastern pudding with bread and custard)

Contrary to the usual square piece Aish el saraya,  I made it in round removable bottom dish which alot resembles the cheese cake. It will look great and appealing on your Eid table for sure.

Here is some more Desserts Recipes  which you may like to prepare on Eid day.

  1.  Mini Kunafa with home made Kunafa Dough
  2. Dulce De Leche Cheesecake and Almond crusted Pie
  3. Honey Cake (Medovik)
  4. Payasam Panna Cotta
  5. Layali Lubnan (Lebanese Nights) – Semolina Pudding Pie
  6. Molten Lava chocolate mug cake

Lets see the recipe!!

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Layali Lubnan (Lebanese Nights) – Semolina Pudding Pie

Yet another easiest Middle Eastern Dessert is here for you – Layali Lebnan/Lubnan (Labanese Night). I am not sure why this delicate sweet dish got this name, but I know one thing – this is one among scrumptious desserts middle easetern people were/are enjoying for years. This goes well on any occasion and/or for ending your weekend meal, believe me there is no hard work to make this simple beauty.

usually this dessert used to make in two layers. Base with semolina pudding and topped with thick and smooth cream. I have given a third layer of nuts in between semolina and cream for an added crunch. Nut layer really enhanced the taste with little crunch in between the soft and delicate pudding. As always, rose-water fragranced sugar syrup gave soothing taste.

Here is the recipe for you for your weekend meal, hope you will enjoy this Layali Lubnan with your loved one.

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Umm Ali (Egyptian Dessert)

Umm Ali/Omm Ali is a delectable and an age-old middle eastern dessert which gets creaminess from the milk & cream and crunchiness from the nuts used in it. This scrumpitious dessert is an absolute bliss. The perfect and soothing sweet dish for your Iftar too.

The arabic word “Umm Ali” literally means “Ali’s mother”. Sounds funny right?! But the bowl full of creamy & melt in your mouth dessert makes you forget about the name and you gonna love this and start making it for the rest of your dessert carving. There are many stories behind this sweet dish, but one thing for sure, Ali’s mother and wife of Sultan Ezz El Din Aybak, who has created this wonderful dessert is a Master Chef.

Traditionally Umm Ali is made using puff pastry, phyllo pastry or even with croissants as a base for the dessert. Topped with sweetened creamy milk and nuts of your choice. Believe me guys this is a super easy dessert and you will love-making it and enjoy having it.

Back in UAE, this delicious dessert is one of the unavoidable dessert in the buffet menu. I remember enjoying Umm Ali in our Office Iftar parties too. This dessert is traditionally served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or with whipped cream on top. But trust me which is yummy by its own. I used to serve this irresistible dessert cold as well. Umm ali


Let see the super easy recipe………….

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Malabar Wheat pudding (Nasara)

Malabar Wheat pudding (Nasara)

This is an age-old Malabar recipe…. may be this one is there from my great grandma’s time. One of my favorite pudding which my grandma and mom used to make. Whenever they make this, used to give to neighbours and relatives near by. My grandma used to say, this is one of favorite sweet dish of grandpa, so she often make this for him.But now a days people rarely make this, because all are behind moderns pastries and sweets, which they get readily available in bakeries.

In our place we call it as “Nasara”. I think this cute dish got so many other names in different part of malabar, but i am not so sure about it.

This delicious treat you can make with few ingredients, which will be available in your kitchen easily. This is something which we can cut into piece and have – soft piece, not watery like payasam. We can have it either hot or cold. Both way it is delicious.

Lets see how its made….

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