Egg and cheese breakfast roll

Egg and cheese breakfast roll

Breakfast without egg…..I feel like incomplete!!! And anything with cheese – written my name on it. Further more, make a head breakfast!!! yes please…. nothing makes me happier than that. Easy and super delicious egg and cheese rolls have everything I said above.

Fluffy scrambled egg and melted cheese with delicious french sauce – bechamel sauce (white sauce) is a pure bliss. Rolled them in crepes which is flavored with chopped parsley. All in all, they will simply melt in your mouth. Best part is they freeze really well. Just you need to fry them or pop them into the oven before serving. You can also add bit of chopped ham or sausages if you like. Sun dried tomatoes also would have given a flavor punch, I had no stock so didn’t use them. If you love its taste, go ahead and add some.

Whats say about breakfast for dinner??? This rolls goes well along with your soups as well. No big deal, this can be served at any time of the day. We both loved them to the core, hope your family would enjoy them too. Lets see the recipe….

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Lahmacun / Lahmajoon

Lahmajun/ lahmacun (Turkish pizza)

Lahmacun/Lahmajun is a thin round crust topped with spiced minced meat masala and baked to the perfection. This is also known as “Turkish Pizza”. It’s a very popular turkish/Armenian/Middle Eastern dish.

One of our favorite menu item in turkish restaurant here in Tashkent. While ordering food, we never used to think twice to order this exotic dish. I always wanted to put my hands on Lahmacun preparation and book marked this recipe long back.But some how it took this long to come out of my oven.

During Ramadhan we never have food from outside. So when I got minced meat, first thing came to my mind was this  yummyy dish to prepare for Iftar. Once it is in your oven, your house will fill with the irresistible smell of Lahmacun and will vanish from your table when served hot. Addition of parsley leaves are very important and it gives this dish a distinct aroma and taste.

Lahmacun is always our favorite and hope you will also start enjoying it as much as we do.


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Luqaimat (Middle Eastern Sweet Dumplings)

Luqaimat (middle eastern fried dumplings)

Luqaimat is one of the yummiest and my all time favorite middle eastern sweet snack. These sweet dumplings are very easy to prepare as well. If you had this yummy snack once in your life time, you would probably have craved for it again. Or if you have never had luqaimat, I suggest you must try once.

These fried sweet dumplings are a must on Iftar table amongst Arabs. We used to make this at least once during Ramadhan. Once you have a platter full of luqaimat in your hand, I bet you won’t stop eating them.

We both were keeping on eating this crunchy snack and finished all of them. These little snacks are little crunchy on outside, and little softer inside. Proofed batter are fried in hot oil and drizzle some honey or sugar syrup on hot dumplings and yummmm. We always prefer to enjoy it with honey.

Lets see the recipe……….

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Baked Falafel with Tahini Sauce

Baked Falafel with Tahini Sauce

Falafel  is a middle eastern vegetarian snack made with soaked chickpeas. If you were some where in middle east, you probably would have tasted this tasty snack. Usually it used to be served as sandwich in pita bread. Which is also very tasty with some garlic sauce/tahini sauce or even with ketchup.

In UAE near my dad’s shop there is a cafeteria, who serves very tasty and hot falafel. We used to buy falafel alone in a paper bag and munch on with some fresh juice. It is used to be super crunchy – which is oil fried.

Since I wanna avoid as much oil frying as possible for Iftar snack, I made baked falafel without compromising on taste. Baked falafel is lighter one. It is totally up to your preference whether to fry or bake, both the ways it is tasty and easy. You just need to soak the chickpeas over night and process it with spices and herbs, shape it up and bake it.


We served it with Tahini sauce, I have given the recipe below.

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Syrniki (Farmer’s Cheese Russian Pancake)

Syrniki (Farmers cheese pancake)

Here is easy and delicious another breakfast item, again with farmers cheese(Tvorog). In russian its called “Syrniki”. This pancake is very popular here. Commonly prepared in every household. I love to make this because it makes mess free breakfast and tasty too.I also made another breakfast item with farmers cheese – Farmer’s Cheese Cake (Breakfast Cheese Cake) .

I got this recipe from a hotel’s kitchen ;).. yes! When my Brother and family visited us here, we went to Bukhara (a famous historical – tourist destination in Uzbekistan). It was on friday, after checking out from hotel, hubby and bro went for friday prayer. We waited them on lobby. Since kids were there….we don’t want to sit in the car. On that day for breakfast buffet, they also served this tasty pancake. When I got a chance to talk with a lady there, I asked about this. She took me to their kitchen and showed me each ingredients and method. They were very happy and proud that I asked them for the recipe. She also wrote it in a paper in russian :).

It’s not complicated recipe and any starters can make this easy pancake. You can always substitute farmers cheese with ricotta or cottage cheese. Farmer’s cheese texture is much drier than cottage cheese. So make sure to drain of the excess water if it has.

Lets see the recipe……..

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Unakka chemmeen Unda Putt Recipe (Kerala Style Dried Prawns Stuffed Steamed Rice Balls Recipe)

Unakka chemmeen Unda Putt Recipe (Kerala Style Dried Prawns Stuffed Steamed Rice Balls Recipe)

Unda Putt is a Kerala evening tea time snack/Iftar recipe or it is also used as a tasty breakfast item. One of our family favorite too. Even though we make different filling to this cute little rice balls such as mussels (kallummakaya), Clam (Kakka irachi) etc…, Prawns (Chemmeen) are stuffed mostly.

Back home in Kerala, we makes this using fresh prawns. Unfortunately I don’t get fresh prawns here easily, I used dried one. Dried one also taste yummy. Once when mom called me, she told that they had ‘Unda putt’ for breakfast, I really craved for that and tried with dried prawns which was handy with me. It came out well and I started making this with dried prawns.

Usually I make this on saturday breakfast. You can make the filling previous day night, so that you just need to make the dough and fill it and steam it in the morning. If I have time in the night, I used to fill the dough at night itself and keep it in the fridge. So that next day breakfast will be easy and hassle free, just only need to steam it.

This can also be given as tiffins to your kids and husbands, so that they can have it easily without making any mess. This cute little Unda putt also can pack while you going somewhere out or for picnic.

Lets see how this tasty and easy Chemmen Unda Putt (Prawns Stuffed Steamed rice balls) are made…………


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Potato Pancake

Potato is one of my favorite veggyy and I love to have it in any form. This pancake is one of the popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. I think they would have got that culture from Russians.(shhh… I don’t know…this is just my guess ;)…) whatever it is, the pancake with this humble and super nutritious veggyy  is really easy to make….yet delicious!

I became a fan of potato pancake after coming here. I always used to google, google and google to find out something new to add to our menu, especially breakfast recipes. Thats how I got this recipe and fell in love with this. Some people used to top it with meat fillings as well.

Potato pancake is one of the item which I usually make on lazy weekends. It doesn’t take much time to put together. Hot pancakes with tomato ketchup and some sour cream…. our usual way of enjoying this soft and delicious breakfast item.

Lets see the recipe…..

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Besan Naan Khatai (Traditional Indian Cookies with gram flour)

This melt in your mouth, eggless Indian cookies are really easy to put together! One and only cookie which used to bake at home when I was a kid. My sister used to make Naan Khatai with all-purpose flour. In this I made a slight change with besan (gram flour).

Aroma of ghee (clarified butter) with the flavors of cardamom was really heavenly!! You can’t stop munching this melting in mouth cookies.

I made this cookie in the evening, just before hubby comes from work. I kept the cookie to cool down. Soon after he came in, took one and tasted. I thought then he gonna stop with that first one. Took second one and went for 3rd cookie as well on the same go 😊….. He is a crazzyyy cookie eater and I love to bake them as well 😉

You just need a bowl and your spatula and mix in each ingredients one by one…. pop into your oven! Thats it…done 😊


Lets see the recipe….

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Financiers Cupcake

Financiers Cupcake

Financiers are little classic french tea cake baked using ground almonds. These are light and moist delicious treat which is very easy to prepare!It seems these little spongy cake got the name ‘financiers’ from the traditional rectangular mold, which resembles a bar of gold.

Traditionally financiers are made using small rectangular loaves. Since I dont have it handy…I used my cupcake molds. Whatever mold you use…. these are amazing. This is for the nut lovers, since the core ingredient is ground almonds. Other ingredients are egg white,sugar,little flour and butter.

It doesn’t take much time to prepare, but I am assuring a delicious treat for your family.Recipe adapted from my favorite pastry chef Anna Olson.

Lets see how these cute cakes are made…

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Panineer Petti (Crepe stuffed with sweetened Egg mixture)

Panineer Petti (Crepe stuffed with sweetened Egg mixture)

Hey all…..Its been a month I am away from blogging world. Was on vacation. Went home….as you all know,was busy every single day there!! Now back to pavilion…..started normal routine!

By the way….belated happy new year to all!! 1st post of 2016….so thought I will start with a sweet dish…..a malabar sweet snack…. “panineer petti” (panineer means rose flower and petti means box). This snack has got a shape of box, but I don’t know why they gave name panineer….I guess may be the layers are so soft and tender as rose petals(this is just my own guess ;)). Other than that, it doesn’t have any connection with rose flower.

Panineer petti is usual item on iftar table, or evening snack. This easy item can be made for your kids as after school snack. I also served this soft and tender sweet box for my guest as a dessert after lunch and dinner party here, and they really loved it.


Ingredients for panineer petti will be easily available in your pantry and can be made within no time. Thin crepes are filled with egg-coconut sweet mixture and chopped cashew for crunchiness, then flavoured with cardamom powder. Served with sugar syrup for extra sweetness!! It can be made without coconut also. But I love the taste of coconut in it.

Lets see how its made….

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