Roasted Butternut squash soup (Pumpkin soup)

Roasted butternut squash soup

Soup is there on my menu at least twice or thrice in a week especially during these winter days. We really need a bowl of soup to warm ourselves up.Butternut squash is in season and this soup comes very often now a days on our dinner table.

Even without adding any cream or dairy, this soup is really velvety and creamy, highly satisfying and healthy too. Roasted butternut enhance the flavor for sure, the smell of roasted squash will tempt you to have couple of spoon soon after coming out of the oven. I had few table spoon before adding them to the soup ;-).It taste great if properly seasoned. I really love pumpkin/butternut squash, either its in sweet or savory. You can see some of my favorite pumpkin/butternut squash recipes here. They are really high in fiber and nutritional bomb.

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Grilled Chicken with Herbs

Grilled chicken with herbs

Chicken marinated with flavorful herbs and oil and grilled to the perfection. Super easy recipe which is loved by kids and elders alike. Swap the herbs as per your family’s liking.

At times we feel so lazzzy to cook, but somehow we must cook before our loved ones are home after work right?. Those lazzy days we find some quick and easy recipes and sometimes which comes out really delicious. This is one among such recipes which is really easy and tasty, you can have very relaxed dinner or hassle free lunch with this.

You just need a simple marination and pop into the pre heated oven or grill, and you are done!!! Chicken can be marinated a night before you planning it for lunch or in the morning if you are doing it for dinner.You can use this chicken in many other recipes as well. Left overs can make delicious sandwiches,salads etc….What more you want from this simple, yet delicious chicken?!

We enjoyed it with Lipioshka (Local Uzbek bread) and Salad.

Lets gets started…………..


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Malabar style Spring Roll

Malabar spring roll

Spring roll is a perfect tea time snack or use as a starter. This one is a usual item made in every Malabar kitchen for iftar during Ramadan or evening tea time snacks. We make it at home with Indian spices filling from scratch and which can also be freeze easily for couple of weeks.

This spring roll is very easy to make with simple ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen. Thin crepes are filled with meat or vegetable masala (which you desire) and then dip it in beaten egg and coated with bread crumbs and fry. If you expect any guest, you can make this yummy snack some days ahead and freeze it or this can be served to your kids as after school snack. If you are planning to freeze it for later use, just avoid frying part, arrange it in freezer boxes/zip lock bag. When you need to use it, just pop out of the freezer an hour before and fry it.

If you are health conscious and wanna avoid frying, simply drizzle/brush some oil and put it in your oven until light golden brown instead of frying. Oven baked also will taste yummm…..and can have without any guilt too.

Lets see how its made….


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Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake)

Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake)

Kalathappam is a Rice cake – a north Malabar delicacy,which is prepared both sweetened and unsweetened. Sweetened version prepared using gaggery and usually served as a snack item. Unsweetened kalathappam usually accompany with spicy curries, served for breakfast or dinner.

Kapathappam is one of the easiest dish which usually makes at home for breakfast or dinner. It just need to pour the prepared whole batter into a deep pan and cooked in low flame. If mom wanna go somewhere, or she is busy with some other thing, mom used to opt for this yummy rice cake. Now when I started my culinary journey, I do the same thing. If i am lazy to stand in kitchen for long time, I go for this. Or if we are planning for any trip next day morning -used to prepare this previous day night, so that morning breakfast will be easy, peaceful and filling. This can also be packed on the go and have it with some sugar/honey/dates syrup or unsweetened kalathappam is simply delicious by its own without any accompaniment.

The combination of coconut,onion and fennel seeds with rice gives Kalathappam a tasty flavor.

Lets see how this easy and tasty dish is made.

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