Kerala style Mutton Kurma (Mutton in coconut and cashew gravy)

Kerala style Mutton Kurma (Mutton in coconut and cashew gravy)

Mutton/lamb Korma is one of the most popular side dish in India, but the method and style of preparation varies from home to home. Coconut and cashew gravy makes this dish so rich and aromatic spices gives so much flavor at the same time.

Like other curries , we don’t use red chili powder in the kurma. Green chili and black pepper gives the hot kick and you can adjust them as you prefer.This recipe is from my sister and taste of  – Kerala porota and mutton kurma combo she used to make still there in my mouth. They very well go with ghee rice, batoora, Parathas  , vellayappam and chapathis too.

This recipe was there in the draft for very long time. I was busy with shifting to new house and some back-end work is going on to make my precious space better for both my readers and myself. Hope I can finish them at earliest.

Do try this recipe and lemme know your feedback. Hope you will love it as much as we do.

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Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (Malabar style Prawn curry)

Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (Malabar style Prawn curry)

Prawn curry made with thick and yellow coconut sauce – a perfect Kerala delicacy, with Kannur’s own pathil (rice pancake) is all we want to feel homely. That creaminess of coconut, aromatic spices and kick of red & green chilies at the same time – do I need to say more???Its finger licking good and it can’t be easier than this. Ehh the next day, the earthen pot in which prepared this chemmeen curry I licked as washed  😉 Yea it enhances the taste as it sits. So be sure to make extra quantity.

Prawns/shrimp is both of us favorite, in fact all seafood are our favorite ;-)..), unfortunately we won’t get anything from sea as fresh as we get back home!! Here we are getting satisfied with all those cold water fish, those fish are nowhere near to what we get in Kerala and UAE.We get all types of frozen fish, but rarely I put my hands on them!!

You wondering from where I got these prawns?? I packed some when I came from home😉!! Not soo much…..less than a kg after cleaning! I packed these kind of items in frozen bag. I would not have brought all these items if hubby accompanied me. He used to ask What you will do if they ask you to open and show?! I used to be like what is the big deal, I am carrying some eatables – not a bomb or something!!! Whatever I argue, he wont allow. But now guess what, he was like ha now you go home every 2 to 3 months and bring all these goodies 😁haha!   Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (Malabar style Prawn curry)

Coming back to the chemmeen curry, they can’t be easier than this guys and taste is something which you must try and see. It’s that good, and I am sure you will end up licking your fingers. Goes very well with anything like rice, pathiri, chapathi, Kalathappam etc….

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Indian Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Indian Butter chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Butter Chicken  is most of us favorite side dish order when we visit restaurants. But how about someone like me who stays abroad and limited options of Indian restaurants!? Yes, home cooking is the only option. And getting restaurant like food at home it self make our loved one so happy. So here is a mouth-watering Restaurant style Butter Chicken recipe with oven grilled chicken.

Butter chicken is an Indian side dish, cooked in mildly spiced cream and tomato based gravy with chicken cooked in Tandoor(clay oven),grilled in oven or pan-fried. Mostly served with tandoori roti/Naan or any other Indian bread like Layered Paratha , Chapathi or any bread of your choice. I served this finger licking Butter chicken with Onion paratha, which was also a delicious combo.

You can use left over tandoori chicken after a barbecue party or can make the chicken ready a head of time. Keeping chicken to marinate over night makes chicken more flavorful and tender.


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Spicy Mutton Chops Masala

Spicy mutton chops masala

We Indians always prefer to go with spicy dishes and here is another spicy side dish for you. I cooked this mutton chops without adding a single drop of water! Yes…you heard it right! No water has been added to cook the mutton. Only moisture from onion and tomato helped to cook the meat. Quite interesting right?!  It was delicious too!!

Aromatic combination of all spices with tender meat… aww it was heavenly! I served it with chapathi and cucumber raita. It was really an amazing combination. This will also go very well with white rice/ ghee rice, Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha , any other flat bread, Unsweetened Kalathappam/Kalthappam(Rice cake), pathiri, Chinese Steamed Bun etc….

I will give you one Tip for cooking mutton. Even if you are using pressure cooker or any other vessel to cook the mutton (for any other recipes), before adding water to cook the meat, simply saute it for some time in the oil first. After that you can add water if recipe asks to do it (usually we add mutton and water together in pressure cooker for Indian curry and all).Then you will get juicy and tender mutton.

Give your family a feast with this recipe, when you cook mutton next time. And let me know how you enjoyed it 😊.

Recipe inspired from Chef  Herpal Singh’s show. Lets get started……

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Mixed dal and Vegetable Kurma (Mixed lentils and vegetables in cashew coconut gravy)

Mixed dal and Vegetable Kurma (Mixed lentils and vegetables in cashew coconut gravy)

Malabarians are not a fan of veggies and we rarely opt for veg meals. We are obessed with fish and other meats and I must say there are n number of varieties of non veg. Sad thing is that, I wont get fresh sea fish here in Tashkent,can get either frozen sea fishes or cold river fishes…. which doesn’t taste as we get back home :(.  I mean to say, we doesn’t have much malabar vegetarian signature dishes.Even then I love to try veg varieties of other kerala side dishes and some north indian aromatic and flavourful veg curries.

But, its hard to find an indian house that doesn’t stock different types of dals. When I ran out of vegetables and meats, or if lazzy to cook…. easiest way I used to opt is daal fry and egg omlet with chapathi.

This kuruma is a rich,delicious and nutritious accompaniment with roti/chapathi/parathas. All the goodness of red lentils,bengal gram, green gram and chick pea with the spinach and cabbage makes this curry extra ordinary. Flavour and richness of cashew and coconut takes this to the next level. This is a must try recipe and I am sure you will love this as we do. Now this recipe took a better place in my weekly menu!!

The recipe adapted from the cook book of one of my favorite Chef,  Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Anyways…lets gets started….

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Spicy Beef Curry (Kannur Style)

Malabar style beef curry is very easy to prepare,yet delicious. This beef curry is very common and widely prepared in my place (kannur) and its taste and style slightly changes from home to home.

Back home in kerala, friday special will be beef. We make beef curry with white rice or ghee rice for lunch. And for dinner, spicy beef curry usually serve with rice pathil,nei pathiri, neer dosa, Kalathappam,chapathi,kerala porotta etc…. this also very well pair with any kind of bread.

Here my hubby loves non veg, so I often makes this.This time I served this spicy beef curry with Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread) and cucumber raita. Curd in raita will set off the spiciness of the curry.This curry even taste better the next day!

Lets see how this simple,yet delicious beef curry is made…..


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Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin curry (Kerala style pumpkin curry)

Pumpkin cooked with flavorful coconut milk and lightly spiced and finally topped with mustard seeds and coconut oil Tadka.

I always prefer to make veg varieties for our sunday lunch…mostly our kerala style dishes with hot rice.
I usually cook with the ingredients available,rather than taking recipes and find the ingredients.when winter starts,we get alot of pumpkin here in tashkent with so many varieties – in different colors and style.So this sundays menu,i added my all time favorite dish – pumpkim curry.

My mom used to make tasty pumpkin curry…and this is her recipe. We enjoy it with hot rice and spicy beef….Usually she used to make it on fridays because in our place in kerala…we get fresh beef on fridays…..omg its really yummmy.

We can make so many sweet and savory dishes with pumpkin, and check out my Pumpkin & Dates Halwa , Pumpkin Payasam Panna cotta,  Pumpkin Soup,and Pumpkin Pie.

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