Flourless Fudgy Coconut Brownie

flourless fudgy coconut brownie

I have a soft corner towards chocolate. Having something with chocolate makes me really stress free and happy. I enjoyed baking this decadent, fudgy, nutty, chocolatty gooey brownie, and when my hubby asked for a second piece of brownie…I was even more happier!! This brownie was so delicious guys.

I thought this recipe is very apt to post this week, so kept holding without posting all these while. Even though we don’t use to celebrate valentine’s day, I am dedicating this post for all the wonderful couples out there who celebrate it. Happy Valentine’s day guys!!

This is sooo easy to put together.Without flour, brownie was more fudgy. Only one request to you all, please please use GOOD QUALITY CHOCOLATE. Quality of the chocolate definitely makes big difference in the taste of the brownie. flourless fudgy coconut brownie

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Anyways, I am sure you gonna enjoy this fudgy coconut brownie as we did.

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Coconut Condensed milk almond Cake

Coconut Condensed milk almond Cake

I love to bake anything and everything….yeh today we gonna bake something very divine!!!This coconut condensed milk almond cake is very moist and full of flavors!

who don’t like to have a moist flavorful pound cake once in a while?!! Lets keep aside all the diet for a while and dwell in the luxury treat with evening cup of Coffee/Tea. Flavors of coconut,crunchiness of almond,extra moist of condensed milk…omg….its really divine!!! You will love me for this 😜…..i am not joking…it will be a  delicious treat for your loved one.

Take your equipments…..lets get started 🙂