Mini Red velvet cake

Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Red and velvety, classic chocolate cake will attract anyone with its look and most delicious taste. White chocolaty, creamy and cheesy frosting pair very well with these beautiful spongy cake. Believe me, they will simply melt in your mouth!!

Even though I have a very big sweet tooth, cake is not my thing. I hardly finish one serving of cake at a time. Hubby also usually won’t go beyond a piece of cake exception to this cake😄!! So I usually wait for very special Occassion to bake something like this!All thanks to my friend Rayida, who is a hands down home baker and her cake pictures inspired me a-lot. (I didn’t get a chance to taste her cakes yet!!). When I went home last time, she pushed me to attend a one day baking workshop, it was a good demo and got more idea on the area where I was least experienced. So for new year, I thought to bake a big fat cake to share with my neighbors and friends. But I couldn’t bake due to our short trip to Delhi around new year, which was unplanned!

On the day of New year, hotel where we stayed kept a counter with alot of pastries and cakes. I told hubby I couldn’t bake as I planned….let us indulge in some sweet treat here. so we bought one red velvet cake slice. After putting first spoon in my mouth,I was like “whether to cry or laugh”….ohh god, cake was tooo dry and tasteless….. how can a prestigious hotels serve these kind of cakes??!! totally disappointed with them 🙁 ….. Coming back to Tashkent, I decided to try red velvet cake….. in a miniature form, and anything miniatures, I feel they are the cutest!!! They are so easy and convenient to serve as well ….aren’t they??? I am so happy that I did try them….. they were sooooooo delicious and he had one, two and asked for the third serving at the same go 😄!!! Me, who is not a cake person had half batch of them…. shhhh 🤫….. We had them after breakfast, lunch and dinner as well 😉…..not joking guys, we really did!!!

The cake where really soft and moist. When it sandwiched with the white chocolate cream cheese frosting, you will feel like you are having white chocolate cheesecake with cake base!!! If you are cheese lover like me, you will get hooked with this frosting!!! Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Valentines day fast approaching, I thought this is the perfect time to share this scrumptious recipe here, we personally don’t celebrate this particular day though. “Happy valentine’s day” for those who are celebrating!! Make this red velvet cake for your love, you will be loved more 😉….take my words 😍!!


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Honey Cake (Medovik)

Honey cake (Medovik)

Hey. Belated happy new year to all my lovely readers. I am back again after a very long gaaap that I have ever taken from blogging world!!! Due to some or other reason, I had to stand away from this. Anyways hope I will be able to post regularly from now on.

I am here with a delicious recipe – Honey Cake. Its an age old Russian cake, called here as ‘Medovik’ (in Russian). This is very tender and delicate cake, which is so rich and delicious.You have to prepare the cake before a day you serve it,both the cream and cake will pair very well and will tastes amazing. The Star ingredient in frosting is Delce De Leche (Cooked condensed mik), so you could imagine how yummy this cake would be!!

This was in my to do recipe list for quite sometimes. Whenever I see the honey cake pieces here in bakery shops, used to carve for a portion. Never bought it thinking I will make myself. I rarely put my hands on cake with frosting because we both can’t have it completely. Thats how making honey cake also took this long. So when we invited a friend for lunch, I thought of making Honey cake as a dessert.Served them after lunch, packed him some pieces of cake, we kept few for ourselves and I have given away some for my miklady. Got good comment from hubby jaan and his friend. He had it from outside many times and said this is how it usually tastes.Most happiest part was milklady took recipe from me saying that which came out really well ;). I was so thrilled when I heard from her.

Russian honey cake (medovik)Russian honey cake (medovik)

I am warning you, this is not for someone who is dieting, because you will keep on eating once you start having it. Its a super delicious cake with ingredients easily available. Anyways, lets see the recipe.


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Farmer’s Cheese Cake (Breakfast Cheese Cake)

Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

Farmer’s cheese (“tvorog” in russian) is widely used as a breakfast item here. They simply have it by pouring some milk and sugar or make pan cake out of it (recipe coming soon!) Or cheesecake like this.  When I accompany my husband, when he go to nearby cities for his duty related purpose, from most of the hotels they serve these items for breakfast. Thats how I started noticing this. But when I had this cake first time, i dint realised that this was made out of farmer’s cheese.

I got this recipe from the milklady who used to bring me milk, fresh cream, curd and farmer’s cheese etc… she brings me all homemade, fresh products. Farmer’s cheese I rarely buy from her… only when I feel to make pan cake with it. One day she insisted me to buy tvorog, I told her if you can give me a recipe to make something with this other than pan cake I will buy. Thats when she explained me the recipe. Since this is not a complicated recipe, I understood without more drama ;). Even though we doesn’t know a common language to communicate, we talks so many things ;)…. I can understand little bit of russian language now. From her I learned so many words as well. More than any thing, ” Action speaks better than words”right?! Little words and more hand gestures are our way of communication. If these two-way doesn’t work, google translator comes for rescue 😁! Hubby used to say your early morning time pass is her. On off days, he will be there listening our drama by half sleep in bed.

This is really easy to put together with very little ingredients and  healthy breakfast cheese cake too….entirely different from american cheese cake which is eaten as a dessert. You can substitute ricotta cheese or cottage cheese with farmer’s cheese, but make sure to drain off the excess water they have.

If your kids are hesitating to have farmer’s cheese/cottage cheese alone, this is a way to make them eat…they wont even know there is something like this hidden in this. They will enjoy it like a dessert!!


Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

I got this cake more yellowish color because of my egg yolk, it was really dark orange color.

Lets see how this yummy breakfast cake is made…….

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Financiers Cupcake

Financiers Cupcake

Financiers are little classic french tea cake baked using ground almonds. These are light and moist delicious treat which is very easy to prepare!It seems these little spongy cake got the name ‘financiers’ from the traditional rectangular mold, which resembles a bar of gold.

Traditionally financiers are made using small rectangular loaves. Since I dont have it handy…I used my cupcake molds. Whatever mold you use…. these are amazing. This is for the nut lovers, since the core ingredient is ground almonds. Other ingredients are egg white,sugar,little flour and butter.

It doesn’t take much time to prepare, but I am assuring a delicious treat for your family.Recipe adapted from my favorite pastry chef Anna Olson.

Lets see how these cute cakes are made…

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Healthy Dry Fruits Cake

First of all Marry Christmas to all my lovely readers! Baking bells already started ringing!! You would have started your preparations. Baking cookies and cakes and packing for your friends and guest. Treat your family and friends this festive season with this tasty and healthy dry fruits cake! There are no flour, no butter, no added sugar too…. its interesting right?! Yummyy tooo..

Back home, even though we don’t celebrate Christmas at home,when I was small kid,during Christmas we get fruit cake from Rosy chechi (we call elders ‘chechi’ with respect in Kerala),who used to help my mom in house hold and other things when we were small. Even then we can get so many varieties of cakes in market,we used to wait for her cake. And another chechi, Philomina….she used to bring us her tasty Biriyani, payasam and all, specially made for us on Christmas day. Mom wont cook lunch on that day. Me and my bro used to go her home to see the decorated Christmas tree, and beautiful decorative star lights. Now I miss all those.

Here they celebrate Christmas on 7th of January as in Russia and holidays starts from 31st December for 10days. Even then, started decorating everywhere now itself. A feeling of festival started already.

Anyways, lets gets started!


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Molten Lava Chocolate Mug Cake

Molten Lava Chocolate Mug Cake

Yummyy molten lava chocolate cake will be ready for your chocolate carving in no time!!! I am very chocolaty girl and used to carve for it time to time. One sunday, after lunch I very badly wanted to have something with chocolate…. when my hubby was watching tv, I just rushed to kitchen, mixed all the ingredients in a bowl with a fork(it took less than a minute), poured the batter into two mug and popped into the oven. Believe me….yummyyy gooey,saucy molten lava chocolate cake was ready in 15 minutes. Soft cakey texture outside and chocolate lava flowing out from inside….yummmm…We both simply enjoyed it…(shhhhh….sunday no dieting🙅

There was no messup in the kitchen….just a bowl and fork to wash :). (The most hating part in the kitchen for me is washing the dishes 🙁 ….) It can also be made in microwave, but I simply wanna avoid microwave oven use at the max and also the texture we get with both the oven is different.I liked my conventional oven cake.

I am really addicted to this molten lava chocolate cake. Beware!!! You also gonna get addicted ;)…..Now a days whenever I carve for chocolaty cake, I used to go for this yummyyy treat…..hmmmm….have to check my weight ;)…..

I am sure you gonna try this soon after reading the recipe…. tell me after trying how much you enjoyed this chocolaty cake :). Give your family this lovely treat….

Lets get started…..

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Coconut Condensed milk almond Cake

Coconut Condensed milk almond Cake

I love to bake anything and everything….yeh today we gonna bake something very divine!!!This coconut condensed milk almond cake is very moist and full of flavors!

who don’t like to have a moist flavorful pound cake once in a while?!! Lets keep aside all the diet for a while and dwell in the luxury treat with evening cup of Coffee/Tea. Flavors of coconut,crunchiness of almond,extra moist of condensed milk…omg….its really divine!!! You will love me for this 😜…..i am not joking…it will be a  delicious treat for your loved one.

Take your equipments…..lets get started 🙂