Lemon Curd Recipe

Lemon Curd Recipe

Hello friends…. I am back after a small break with a very delicious and easy recipe – Lemon Curd from scratch. Was on vacation and couldn’t be active and look after my blog. This recipe was prepared and thought to post a month back, but you know how the situation will be when you go back home for vacation??!! Mind was not at all up for blogging from there! Hope now on I will be able to post regularly.

Lemon Curd is very delicious and velvety dessert spread, which is very versatile goes well with your Scones, toasts,cookies, filling for your tarts, or as topping for your Cheesecake or simply delicious by its own. You can make very tasty lemon curd easily at the comfort of your kitchen with this simple recipe. Ingredients for the lemon curd you can find easily in your pantry. So now on,no more preservatives added store bought Lemon curd ;).

Preparing lemon curd was in my to do list for long. When I wanted my cheesecake a citrusy topping, I did not think much. Put my hands on long awaited Lemon curd. If you are a fan of lemony flavor, this is for you. I really love lemon flavor. Really miss my “Lemon puff biscuits” which we get back in Abu Dhabi, one of my favorite biscuits it is, unfortunately I couldn’t find em here so far :(. This lemon curd really satisfied me…. I did spread them on salty crackers too…it was really yummy!

So here is incredibly delicious and easy lemon curd recipe for you to try….

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Almond Muhallabia (Middle Eastern Ground rice & Almond Pudding)

This is one of the easiest and yummiest middle eastern dessert, which can be prepared for Iftar. After a long day of fasting,this mildly sweet and delicate dessert gives so much comfort. We always prefer to have one sweet dish for Iftar – because which gives burst of energy to move on for further prayers and activities.

You don’t need to stand in the kitchen for hours to make this sweet dish. This will be ready in 15 minutes and you just need to chill it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Milk is thickened with powdered rice and I added ground almond to make it more healthy and super delicious. And also fragrance of rose-water and flavoure of little cardamom powder takes this rice pudding – Muhallabia to the next level.

You can serve this chilled as a dessert or  hot as a breakfast item in the morning since you can get all the goodness of the milk and almond in a bowl.Serving choice is all yours :). This can be made ahead of time, so if you are preparing it for Iftar, you can relax at the last-minute.


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Farmer’s Cheese Cake (Breakfast Cheese Cake)

Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

Farmer’s cheese (“tvorog” in russian) is widely used as a breakfast item here. They simply have it by pouring some milk and sugar or make pan cake out of it (recipe coming soon!) Or cheesecake like this.  When I accompany my husband, when he go to nearby cities for his duty related purpose, from most of the hotels they serve these items for breakfast. Thats how I started noticing this. But when I had this cake first time, i dint realised that this was made out of farmer’s cheese.

I got this recipe from the milklady who used to bring me milk, fresh cream, curd and farmer’s cheese etc… she brings me all homemade, fresh products. Farmer’s cheese I rarely buy from her… only when I feel to make pan cake with it. One day she insisted me to buy tvorog, I told her if you can give me a recipe to make something with this other than pan cake I will buy. Thats when she explained me the recipe. Since this is not a complicated recipe, I understood without more drama ;). Even though we doesn’t know a common language to communicate, we talks so many things ;)…. I can understand little bit of russian language now. From her I learned so many words as well. More than any thing, ” Action speaks better than words”right?! Little words and more hand gestures are our way of communication. If these two-way doesn’t work, google translator comes for rescue 😁! Hubby used to say your early morning time pass is her. On off days, he will be there listening our drama by half sleep in bed.

This is really easy to put together with very little ingredients and  healthy breakfast cheese cake too….entirely different from american cheese cake which is eaten as a dessert. You can substitute ricotta cheese or cottage cheese with farmer’s cheese, but make sure to drain off the excess water they have.

If your kids are hesitating to have farmer’s cheese/cottage cheese alone, this is a way to make them eat…they wont even know there is something like this hidden in this. They will enjoy it like a dessert!!


Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

I got this cake more yellowish color because of my egg yolk, it was really dark orange color.

Lets see how this yummy breakfast cake is made…….

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Khachapuri (Georgian cheese stuffed bread)

Khachapuri (Georgian cheese stuffed bread)

Kachapuri is bread dough stuffed with mixed cheese filling and baked to the perfection. Addition of farmer’s cheese in the dough made it so tasty and soft. Over all a power packed breakfast, and you can put together without much fuss.

Are you a cheese lover??? Then definitely you gonna love this. Actually I came to know about this was, when I had a lot of farmers cheese left in my fridge and I was searching for recipes where I can use it as some breakfast item. I got this recipe from “olga’s flavours factory” one of my favorite blog where I tried so many Russian and other recipes….thanks to her.

This is a famous Georgian cheese stuffed bread, I never had it before. My hubby told me he had it during his Georgia trip, taste is almost similar to what I made. Hmmm got certificate ;)…. but when I searched for khachapuri recipe, found so many varieties…don’t know which is more authentic way…but still this one is so lovely…

Enjoy it soon after it comes out of the oven.We had it with tomato ketchup ( I am a ketchupyy gaal ;)….loves to have any savory snacks with ketchup). yummmm!

Lets see how its made.

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