Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves

Health Tips :-

  • Grape vine leaves are very nutritious and very low in calorie.
  • They are enriched with Vitamin C,E,A,K and B6.
  • Rich in¬†folate, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese etc…
  • Vine leaves are good for¬†heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine hemorrhage etc..


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2 Replies to “Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves”

  1. I love this! Like you said, it may look so unappetizing but one bite into it and you get addicted. I don’t blame you for feeling what you felt… hehe… thanks for sharing the recipe, never tried making it at home since I am not sure how my folks would take it…

    1. You welcome dear. Here both of us love this now….so made it :D… try making changes to the filling as per your family’s preference, then it will be a winner for sure!! Would love to hear if you tried.

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