My Measurements & Conversions

Unless otherwise specified, below are the measurement scale (Cups & Spoons) I used in all my recipes.

1 Cup  = 250 ml

1/2 Cup = 125 ml

1/3 Cup = 80 ml

1/4 Cup = 60 ml

1 Table spoon = 15 ml

1 Tea spoon = 5 ml

1/2 Tea spoon = 2.5 ml

1/4 Tea spoon = 1.25 ml



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2 Replies to “My Measurements & Conversions”

  1. Measurements are important too. My beloved Mother never seemed to use measuring utensils. It was a pinch of this, a pinch of that, a cup here and there. The other day I was making something that measured in quarts. I laugh now, but I was really confused by that. i have figured it out since though, and the dish came out quite lovely. Oh, by the way, your measuring cups are all heart shaped. That probably wasn’t an accident either. They say that food cooked with love is the most nutritious!

    1. Yeh my mother as well never use measuring utensils. If I ask any recipes she used to say pinch of this and pinch of that 😊…. and their food are always yummiest!!
      But for baking purpose measurements are always important😊…

      Yeh food cooked with love is most nutritious and delicious as well….I always pour bunch of love to the food which I serve and all the women does the same 😍

      Thank you so much Sparky Jen for visiting my space!

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