Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

This is a very traditional payasam which my grandam and mom used to make. Sooo rich and delicious Vanpayar payasam always reminds me of my childhood. On off days mom used to make this as a breakfast item. It will fill you up really well. They taste so great the next day after refrigerating.

Unlike the other normal kerala payasam, we are adding ground white rice to this payasam, which make payasam little more thicker and creamier. You could call them as a pudding payasam as well. They have more like pudding like consistency.

They are soo rich with coconut milk, sweetened with jaggery, loaded with cooked Vanpayar (Red cow peas) which makes this delicious payasam soo healthy too. I have added extra grated coconut to get the biting in between the creamy paysam. Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

This recipe is my contribution to this months’s MFB challenge, “Cook from your mom’s recipe”. You cant go wrong with your grandma’s and mom’s recipe isn’t??! and those dishes are sooo close to our heart too! I am so happily sharing my mom’s recipe here.

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Crunchy cranberry granola recipe with Honey

Crunchy cranberry granola recipe with Honey

Making granola at home is as easy as 1,2,3. Yes you just need to dump all the ingredients in a bowl & mix, bake them and devour. This cranberry granola is crunchy, healthy and super delicious.

I have loaded them with almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and cranberry. But you could swap them as per your preference. I will strongly recommend adding coconut to this. The smell of toasted coconut really added so much flavor to the granola. May be because I am tropical girl, coconut to anything will impress me well.

If you got bored of making and having oats as a porridge for breakfast, this granola will give an interesting twist.

It serve as a protein rich breakfast – as cereal or with some yogurt, sour cream or clotted cream. You could top them with your ice cream and simply much on as a snack as well.

Anyways, lets see the recipe

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Double Chocolate oats & Banana Muffins

Double Chocolate oats & Banana Muffins

Starting with one exciting announcement!! On “Nadiskitchen” you can now get video recipes too…YAY!!! Yes we have started a Youtube Channel to give more clear demonstration of my recipes. Hope its going to be useful to you and you gonna enjoy them. Please do subscribe to my channel and lemme know your suggestions!!

Now coming to the recipe!

When you have extreme chocolate carving and that over ripe banana is spreading its aroma in your kitchen and saying “I am gonna expire very soon” ;-), how can you not make this incredibly moist, soft and tender double chocolate muffins?? Haa they can put together within no time as well. Just mix all the ingredients and you are good to go!!

They are sooo chocolaty since we are using cocoa powder and chocolate chunks. Roasted oats flour gives nice nutty flavor and I don’t need to tell you about the flavor ripe banana gives. All together perfect combination of all the ingredients.

This recipe caught up a good place in my favorite recipe list, we never got bored after baking these muffins 3 weeks in a raw. Chocolate banana muffins makes breakfast very interesting and make best pair with your evening cup of coffee too. This makes best after dinner/lunch dessert as well.  Double Chocolate oats & Banana Muffins

They freeze very well. You just need to reheat them in microwave and enjoy!

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Vanilla shortbread cookie (Eggless butter cookies)

Vanilla shortbread cookie (Eggless butter cookies)

Melt in your mouth eggless vanilla butter cookie is super easy to put together. Holiday season is at full swing and this is the best time to bake. Here in Tashkent as well streets and all the households are in celebration mode already.I couldn’t believe how busy market were yesterday, everyone is collecting and packing gifts. You can anytime expect guests these days right?? Stocking up your pantry with some baked goodies gives so much relaxation. Believe me this Vanilla shortbread cookie you can whip at the last minute without making much mess and you gonna get lots of praise from your friends and family.

I have been baking this cookie for years now and it never used to make me fail. We both loveeeee this shortbread cookie and it never last more than two days here. Butter cookie is perfect to gift, I made a big batch of this cookie to gift Hubby’s friend and they too loved it soo much. These cookies are eggless, utterly buttery and simply melt in your mouth. I have another butter cookie recipe with egg, check them out as well…. they are also soo good. Vanilla shortbread cookie (Eggless butter cookies)

Ending beautiful 2018 with my favorite and sweet recipe. Wishing all my lovely readers a blessed and wonderful 2019. Stay safe, be courageous, think positive. May peace and love surround us always!

Hope you gonna love the butter cookie…..lemme know how it turned out for you. Lets see the recipe….

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Baked Blueberry cheesecake squares with pretzel crust

Baked Blueberry cheesecake squares with pretzel crust

Blueberry and cheesecake – can you go wrong with this combo??!! Any tangy fruits very well pair with cheesecake according to me. Do you agree?? Pretzel Crunchy buttery crust as well paired very well with super smooth and luscious cheesecake layer.

Even though blueberries are summer fruit, you can use frozen berries and make this cheesecake throughout the year. Biting through tangy and sweet blueberries will burst your mouth with full of flavors. Lemon zest for sure enhanced the taste and flavor of the cheesecake.

We had this cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well ;-). They were absolutely incredible dessert and you won’t regret making them.

Baked Blueberry cheesecake squares with pretzel crust

If you are not privileged to get berries, you could also top this cheese cake with my Lemon Curd after baking the cheesecake. They would be incredibly delicious too.

Lets see the recipe!

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Products used for the recipe :-

Hazelnut chocolate bar (Gluten free & refined sugar free Nutty bar)

Hazelnut chocolate bar (Gluten free & refined sugar free Nutty bar)

I get attack with chocolate carving quite often  and there is no other way, I should give something in. Rarely I used to be conscious about health with sweet treats and this recipe is one of my way to satisfy both the demands. Hazelnut and chocolate are match made in heaven without any doubt, Isn’t??A small piece of this hazelnut chocolate bar really will make all the chocolate lovers happy without much guilt. They are crunchy and melt in your mouth at the same time.

Since this chocolate bar is packed with protein, it will keep you full for longer and best to have as before or after workout snack.  Those who are following gluten free diet, this is one of the best sweet treat for you as well. There is no strict rule for making them, so you can add your favorite nuts or seeds, or use your favorite nut butters and make it in your own way!

Another good thing about this recipe is, you can roll them to balls when they are still hot and prepare it into bit size pieces.

If you are a hard core chocolate lover like me, you surely gonna make this and stock them every now and then for sure. Anyways, lets see the recipe!!

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Chocolate Banoffee pie with Mascarpone topping

Chocolate Banoffee pie with Mascarpone topping

Are you looking for easy and showstopping dessert to make on any special occasion?? Then you found the right recipe! No bake pie with buttery biscuits and nuts base, toffee, slices of banana, chocolate ganache layers and finally topped with absolutely delicious mascarpone whipped cream. I have slightly twisted classic banoffee pie here.

Eid is here again and this soo rich and delicious dessert is apt to serve on this special day. After a month long of fasting, you don’t need to feel guilty for indulging in this. As you take first bite, you will totally fall in love with this luxurious dessert.

How I love making this dessert in this summer, very simple process of layering and no baking involved too. You don’t need to be very expert to whip this up :D…..any starters can do!!!

Chocolate Banoffee pie with Mascarpone topping

Eid Mubarak in advance to all my lovely readers!!

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Eid Desserts Round up

Eid dessert ideas 2018

In the blink of an eye…Blessed Ramadan is coming to an end!! Most awaited Eid day also here in few days. For me on eid day menu, more excited part is desserts! Main menu always used to be Biriyani. That is a traditional menu and no Eid is complete without Biriyani for us Indians! How about you all?? What  is your traditional way of celebrating Eid? Anyways here are few Eid desserts ideas for you. Most of them you can prepare a day ahead. Hope this helps to plan your menu! Have a very sweet & wonderful Eid.

Mini Red velvet cake

Red and velvety, classic chocolate cake with White chocolaty, creamy and cheesy frosting. This is an absolutely make ahead dessert. Prepare this a day before eid and relax.

Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Hazelnut praline Custard

Most decadent and easiest pudding, which can be made at the last minute. Hazelnut praline for sure took this humble dessert to the next level. Feel free to substitute the nuts of your choice for the praline.

Hazelnut praline Custard /Pastry cream

No bake white chocolate cheese cake

This white chocolate cheesecake is incredibly delicious ,easy to make,Creamy and simply melt in you mouth, can make this ahead and more over, its No Bake Cheesecake tooo!!!!

No bake White chocolate cheesecake with Lemon Curd

Pumpkin Pie

The flaky crust and smooth and luscious filling is simply amazing. To give slight crunch and nuttiness, have given coconut and cashew mixture in between the creamy pumpkin filling.

Pumpkin pie Recipe from scratch (Butternut squash pie)


Molten Lava chocolate Cake

Tasty chocolate cake can’t make quicker than this. If your children or guests are not a fan of the dessert which you prepared on that day, you can whip them this one at the last minute. They for sure will love you for making this.


Molten Lava Chocolate Mug Cake


Dulce de leche Cheese Cake

Cheesecake with almond crust is absolutely delicious baked cheesecake with flaky and nutty crust. Dulce De leche (cooked condensed milk) really gives caramelly and rich taste to the dessert.

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake and Almond crusted Pie

Honey Cake (Medovik)

Its an age old Russian cake. This is very tender and delicate cake, which is so rich and delicious.You have to prepare the cake a day head you serve it,both the cream and cake will pair very well and will tastes amazing.

Russian honey cake (medovik)


Pumpkin Payasam Panna Cotta

Indo-italian Fusion Dessert. Yes, fusion of two of my favorite desserts, Payasam (Kerala Special dessert) and Panna Cotta (Italian Dessert). They are really very easy to put together.

Pumpkin payasam panna cotta


Aish el saraya

This scrumptious eggless bread pudding is flavored with rose-water and orange blossom water and it is simply comforting dessert. Topped with lots of chopped almonds and pistachios which for sure give this creamy and smooth pudding something to get crunched.

Aish el saraya (labanese bread pudding) - middle eastern dessert


Mini Kunafa

Kunafa is a delicious cream and cheese filled middle eastern dessert. Prepared with Homemade Kunafa dough. Use store bought dough, if you are privileged to get one.

Mini Kunafa/Kanafa with home made Kunafa Dough


Layali Lubnan (Lebanese Nights)

Base with semolina pudding and topped with thick and smooth cream. I have given a third layer of nuts in between semolina and cream for an added crunch. Nut layer really enhanced the taste with little crunch in between the soft and delicate pudding.


Umm Ali (Egyptian Dessert)

Umm Ali/Omm Ali is a delectable and an age-old middle eastern dessert, baked puff pastry  soaked in milk & cream and your choice of nuts can be used for added crunch. A perfect last minute dessert can be served hot or cold.

Umm Ali (Egyptian Dessert)


Almond Muhallabia

Another easiest dessert all the way from Middle east. Can be put together within in 15 minutes and serve them hot or we usually prefer it chilled.









Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

One of the most famous ramadan treat,Middle eastern sweet snack – qatayef.  Yeast pancakes are filled with simple and delicious nuts mixture, baked/fried to perfection an d dipped in flavored sugar syrup and devoured!!!

Can you believe we are at the last 10 days of Ramadan now??!! I din’t even know how these beautiful days flied. Alhamdulillah went well so far. I delayed Ramadan posts till these days, because of blog back end work. Hope you all liked our new theme and please let me know if you face any issues.

During Ramadan one or the other Middle eastern desserts hold my Iftar table everyday. Some how those sweets call for Ramadan for me. When comes to savory snacks, no choice other than our very own Malabar snacks.

Best part of qatayef is they will freeze very well. I have added  pine, walnut and coconut mixture. You can use your choice of nuts mixture. And instead of those nuts filling, you can also fill them with cheese of your choice. Sometimes I used to fill both cheese and nuts together. Back home everyone is fan of cheese qatayef. Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

Hope you will love this recipes as much as we did. Lemme know what filling variation you did and how you enjoyed it. Always love to hear from you.  Lets see the recipe……….


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Mini Red velvet cake

Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Red and velvety, classic chocolate cake will attract anyone with its look and most delicious taste. White chocolaty, creamy and cheesy frosting pair very well with these beautiful spongy cake. Believe me, they will simply melt in your mouth!!

Even though I have a very big sweet tooth, cake is not my thing. I hardly finish one serving of cake at a time. Hubby also usually won’t go beyond a piece of cake exception to this cake😄!! So I usually wait for very special Occassion to bake something like this!All thanks to my friend Rayida, who is a hands down home baker and her cake pictures inspired me a-lot. (I didn’t get a chance to taste her cakes yet!!). When I went home last time, she pushed me to attend a one day baking workshop, it was a good demo and got more idea on the area where I was least experienced. So for new year, I thought to bake a big fat cake to share with my neighbors and friends. But I couldn’t bake due to our short trip to Delhi around new year, which was unplanned!

On the day of New year, hotel where we stayed kept a counter with alot of pastries and cakes. I told hubby I couldn’t bake as I planned….let us indulge in some sweet treat here. so we bought one red velvet cake slice. After putting first spoon in my mouth,I was like “whether to cry or laugh”….ohh god, cake was tooo dry and tasteless….. how can a prestigious hotels serve these kind of cakes??!! totally disappointed with them 🙁 ….. Coming back to Tashkent, I decided to try red velvet cake….. in a miniature form, and anything miniatures, I feel they are the cutest!!! They are so easy and convenient to serve as well ….aren’t they??? I am so happy that I did try them….. they were sooooooo delicious and he had one, two and asked for the third serving at the same go 😄!!! Me, who is not a cake person had half batch of them…. shhhh 🤫….. We had them after breakfast, lunch and dinner as well 😉…..not joking guys, we really did!!!

The cake where really soft and moist. When it sandwiched with the white chocolate cream cheese frosting, you will feel like you are having white chocolate cheesecake with cake base!!! If you are cheese lover like me, you will get hooked with this frosting!!! Mini Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Valentines day fast approaching, I thought this is the perfect time to share this scrumptious recipe here, we personally don’t celebrate this particular day though. “Happy valentine’s day” for those who are celebrating!! Make this red velvet cake for your love, you will be loved more 😉….take my words 😍!!


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