Unakka chemmeen Unda Putt Recipe (Kerala Style Dried Prawns Stuffed Steamed Rice Balls Recipe)

Unakka chemmeen Unda Putt Recipe (Kerala Style Dried Prawns Stuffed Steamed Rice Balls Recipe)

Unda Putt is a Kerala evening tea time snack/Iftar recipe or it is also used as a tasty breakfast item. One of our family favorite too. Even though we make different filling to this cute little rice balls such as mussels (kallummakaya), Clam (Kakka irachi) etc…, Prawns (Chemmeen) are stuffed mostly.

Back home in Kerala, we makes this using fresh prawns. Unfortunately I don’t get fresh prawns here easily, I used dried one. Dried one also taste yummy. Once when mom called me, she told that they had ‘Unda putt’ for breakfast, I really craved for that and tried with dried prawns which was handy with me. It came out well and I started making this with dried prawns.

Usually I make this on saturday breakfast. You can make the filling previous day night, so that you just need to make the dough and fill it and steam it in the morning. If I have time in the night, I used to fill the dough at night itself and keep it in the fridge. So that next day breakfast will be easy and hassle free, just only need to steam it.

This can also be given as tiffins to your kids and husbands, so that they can have it easily without making any mess. This cute little Unda putt also can pack while you going somewhere out or for picnic.

Lets see how this tasty and easy Chemmen Unda Putt (Prawns Stuffed Steamed rice balls) are made…………


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Chinese Steamed Bun

Chinese steamed bun

Soft and fluffy, steamed buns all the way from China. They can be prepared with easily available ingredients and you don’t need oven to make these delicious buns.

During our Delhi stay, even though we walked a zillion times in front of this restaurant when we were roaming around in CP, never got into it. During our last visit to India, finally we decided to try some Chinese food from there. I am talking about ‘China garden restaurant’ in Delhi, CP -G block. We stayed just near by this restaurant on our last visit. Every morning when we get down from hotel, I used to tell my hubby that we must try this restaurant this time. A day before our flight to Tashkent, it was a very tiry day, busy schedules….so many things to do before going back and favorite part of Delhi visit – shopping too…We were really tired and hungry after a tight day. Left all our shopping bags and everything at the hotel, we decided to go to China garden restaurants.

We were surprised to see the crowd inside. From outside the restaurant, we cant see what is going on there. Absolutely loved the ambiance. Very good service. Above all, tastiest food. I must say, Tastiest Chinese food I have ever had before.Menu has got lot many varieties. We were impatient to spend time to go through all the items. Finally we decided to order a hot and sour soup to start with, chilli crab(both of us love crab), chinese duck roast(his favorite) and something with chicken( i forgot the name of that dish) with chinese steamed bun as main meal and Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream) as dessert. I never had chinese steamed bun before. To be honest, I didn’t even know there is something like this existed. He had it before with his friends, so we decided to go for it. If you are ever being at Connaught Place at delhi and love to try chinese, I recommend this restaurant.

They served hot steamed bun in a bamboo steamer, which was soft and fluffyy. Both bun and bamboo steamer caught my eyes…. soo cute (wanna own one such steamer  ;)…it was really cute….I am sure if my mom sees it, she will definitely get it before me 😍).

On that day I told my hubby, I will definitely try to make this bun as soon as I reach tashkent. Some how it took 2 months for me to try. I was really happy with the result. Didn’t think that it will come out well at my first trial.

I served this cute bun with Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken, and jullian cut carrot and cucumber.

Lets get started…..

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Kunji pathil/Aana pathil (rice dumplings in beef gravy)

Kunji pathil/Aana pathil (rice dumplings in beef gravy)

This delicious dumplings are called in different name…….such as Kunji pathil, Aana pathil, kozhi pidi or simply pidi and so on. But the way of preparations are almost similar. In our place we call it as Aana pathil.

It’s very bad of me that I din’t introduce any malabarian dishes yet.Malabar is in northern part of Kerala, and people over there are well known for their hospitality. If any guest arrive at home, table will be filled with variety of food,snacks and sweets. We malabarians celebrate with food. I am from north part of Malabar – Kannur.

Yes this is an authentic Malabar dish which is finger licking and lip smacking. One of my favorite dish, I love to eat this on the next day, taste will be enhanced even more. We usually make this for dinner. Small rice dumplings, cooked in steam and then mix with coconut beef/chicken gravy. During our childhood, whenever my mom make this for dinner, we children also take part in that, to make small dumplings….we all sit together and grab some of the rice and do it. It’s very interesting for us as child. We will feel so proud as a little chef 😜.

Its a bit lengthy process, but definitely worth the effort. Lets see how this dish has been made.


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