Chicken meat ball clear soup Recipe

Chicken meat ball clear soup Recipe (Soup chicken Tefteli)

Official winter day starts from today here in Uzbekistan, Yes December 1st! (as we say Mansoon starts on first of June in Kerala). Tashkent is getting colder day by day, there is nothing so comforting than a bowl of hot soup on these evenings to get cozy.  Sipping each spoon of this simple and flavorful soup make you warm from inside. Ladies, you will love making this because your kitchen will be less messy too ;-).

Since there is no addition of thickeners, the soup is so light and clear. Use whatever veggies you have in your pantry. Making chicken meat ball is super easy too. Meat ball soup is very common here in Tashkent, every house holds  prepare them very often. They call it Soup Tefteli (means meatball soup). Meatball clear soup and Mastava (another Uzbek special soup) are very commonly available in most of the Uzbek national food restaurants and cafes. As I told veggies may vary, hence slight flavor difference. I have couple of Soups recipe on blog! Get them HEREChicken meat ball clear soup Recipe (Soup chicken Tefteli)

It doesn’t take much time to prepare and if you have some bread on the side, it will sort out your dinner for the day! We served it with some Cheesy garlic bread. So make this soup and get warmed.

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Beetroot Soup

Beetroot Soup

Welcoming another winter again….this is my 3rd winter season after coming here in tashkent….its raining here for last few days and temperature is coming down … getting ready with jackets and boots again :).

1st year i was very excited to see snow….lazzzy morning…..and lying down in sofa under blancket and watching tv….having some hot coffee/tea…munching home baked cookies or snacks awww…… but when i enjoyed the essence of spring and summer season…I really don’t wanna welcome winter..( alot of fresh and sweet fruits…. fresh air with greenery…..going out with just slippers and cotton tops…..walk freely….sitting in parks and watching kids playing..omg i have to wait another 6 months to get all those luxury back).Yeh after coming here I witnessed all four seasons at its core – spring,summer,autom and winter. Back in UAE…we had only hard core summer and slight winter ;)…..even then I miss u alot UAE….I have alot of sweet memories there…. god has given its own speciality to all countries…..

Its raining outside…so i thought i will make healthy, simple, yet delicious soup for this evening…..yes beatroot soup :)…lets see how its made…

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