Chicken meat ball clear soup Recipe

Chicken meat ball clear soup Recipe (Soup chicken Tefteli)

Official winter day starts from today here in Uzbekistan, Yes December 1st! (as we say Mansoon starts on first of June in Kerala). Tashkent is getting colder day by day, there is nothing so comforting than a bowl of hot soup on these evenings to get cozy.  Sipping each spoon of this simple and flavorful soup make you warm from inside. Ladies, you will love making this because your kitchen will be less messy too ;-).

Since there is no addition of thickeners, the soup is so light and clear. Use whatever veggies you have in your pantry. Making chicken meat ball is super easy too. Meat ball soup is very common here in Tashkent, every house holds  prepare them very often. They call it Soup Tefteli (means meatball soup). Meatball clear soup and Mastava (another Uzbek special soup) are very commonly available in most of the Uzbek national food restaurants and cafes. As I told veggies may vary, hence slight flavor difference. I have couple of Soups recipe on blog! Get them HEREChicken meat ball clear soup Recipe (Soup chicken Tefteli)

It doesn’t take much time to prepare and if you have some bread on the side, it will sort out your dinner for the day! We served it with some Cheesy garlic bread. So make this soup and get warmed.

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Products used for the recipe 

Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves

Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves

Dolma is one of the very popular dish in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and middle east. Grape leaves  stuffed with meat and rice filling, lightly spiced and cooked to perfection. Other veggies like Zucchini, bell pepper, cabbage, eggplants are also used instead of grape leaves. I became fan of Dolma after coming to Tashkent. All these years, from UAE, I never dared to taste Dolma, somehow in my mind that was some weird snack, which is not suitable for my taste buds.

Once my friend here brought me piping hot Uzbek dinner, two types of Dolma (with grape leaves and bell pepper Dolma) and Uzbek Samosa and some sweets. When I opened the box first I saw was grape leaves Dolma. My face became 🙁 immediately. Hubby started eating that one after another. I just looked at him and asked –  is it that tasty you are enjoying it like anything??! In my life, first time I tasted Dolma on that day!!! Since then I decided never prejudice anything as I did with Dolma!!! Sorry Dolma for underestimating you 😀

I was waiting for summer to get fresh grape leaves. You can also use canned vine leaves which will be available in most of the Middle eastern/Asian stores. You can also get them online.

Filling can be adjusted as per your family preference. It can make without meat for Vegetarian/vegan version. Carrots, minced cabbage, mushrooms etc can also be used. There is no strict rules how the filling should be.

I cooked Dolma with Chicken stock which I had in my fridge. It definitely enhanced over all flavor. Dolma with dollop of sour cream were sooo good, as we enjoyed it for our Iftar. It can be used as snack/appetizer or serve it as your dinner.

If you had pre-judged Dolma as I did, I strongly recommend you to try this at least once. Lemme know how you enjoyed them.


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Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

Vatrushka is cheese topped buns, one of the most popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. Every cafes and bakery section of super market here,you can see vatrushka. One among the snack/breakfast item they prepare using farmers cheese (tvorog). I have already shared some of the russian/uzbek recipes with farmers cheese.  Vatrushka is cheesecake in soft and fluffy buns…..aren’t that sounds interesting??!! It really taste great and it makes a filling breakfast too.

All the ingredients are very easily available and can be prepared without much hard work.My friend Nazeema (hubby’s colleague’s wife) who shared this recipe with me (a bunch of recipes she shared with me actually), very long time ago. Was keeping on postponing it because hubby is not a big fan of yeast breads.

When I saw MFB challenge this month subject as “breakfast” item, did not think much. Every month used to try to participate for the challenge, but one or other reason, I fail to  post anything on those days. I am glad that this month it’s up.

Usually cheese filling used to be plain, without any dry fruits addition. Lemme tell you, apricot very well take the cheese filling to the next level. They really complement each other. If you can’t find farmer’s cheese, cream cheese,cottage cheese or ricotta cheese can be substituted. Apricot can be substituted with raisins,dried cherries,cranberries etc.

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

You don’t need to wake up early morning to prepare Vatrushka. I have prepared the dough night before and refrigerated it. Only filling and assembling I did it on the next day.

Anyways lets see the recipe….

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Mimosa Salad Recipe (Layered tuna salad )

Mimosa Salad Recipe (Layered tuna salad )

Salads holds its own place on any festive/party table at any time of the year….Isn’t?? This salad got its name from Russian name of the yellow spring flower tree called “mimosa”. This is popular in all former soviet states and can be prepared with pretty common ingredients available in every kitchen.

This colorful and unique looking salad – mimosa attracted me when we were invited by an Uzbek friend. I always used to amaze how people over here arrange their table with different varieties of tasty salads,starters, nuts and sweets when receiving a guest. Totally different food culture from ours. They take us directly to the dining table , where they would keep everything ready on table before we arrive. We talk, eat and entertine there itself. In between soups, main course and desserts will be served. Soup and main course normally seen served only one item, where as back home in India we serve as many varieties of main dishes as possible ;-).

Coming to the recipe, they are pretty simple, layering tuna, cooked veggies and egg with mayonnaise. Here I prepared a dressing instead of mayonnaise, using sour cream. A delicious substitute for mayo. You can either use mayonnaise or the dressing which I have given below,  which is bit more healthier version. If you are not a fan of tuna, cooked/tinned chicken or turkey can be substituted. But I guess tuna gives a unique taste for this salad. You can also add onion and hard cheese if you prefer.

Hopefully this would be my last post for the year 2017. Wishing you all very Happy new year and joyful holidays!!! Stay happy and safe!

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Uzbek Soup – Mastava (Rice and meat soup)

Uzbek Soup - Mastava (Rice and meat soup)

Simply comforting and filling soup, perfect on these fall and winter season. In Uzbekistan, they call this soup – Mastava. The rice and meat soup is a whole meal by its own. Super easy to prepare, very delicious and nutritious too. You have carbs from rice, protein from meat and all other nutrients from vegetables.

The temperature is coming down here and we are all set to welcome another winter again Insha Allah! Hot and comforting soup is all we want for dinner now a days! And when I make Mastava, I don’t need to think about making anything side with it. And best thing about this soup is you throw in all the ingredients and your are done!!!! Yes, you heard it right! Just half an hour of cooking time is required. Then who wouldn’t want to make this soup –  huh?! All ladies would be happy to find such recipes.

My Uzbek friend shared this recipe with me. When we went to mountain during late spring with them, had this soup very first time from there. It was very light, comforting at the same time very flavorful as well. And I asked her for the recipe and tried it. I will definitely share some more Uzbek special recipes soon, which is on the pipe line 🙂 .

I hope you would enjoy this soup as much as we do.

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Buckwheat Chicken Pulav/Plov

Indian Butter chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Who doesn’t like to cook one pot meal for week day dinner?? And today I am with incredibly healthy and delicious one pot dish – Buckwheat plov/pulav/pilaf/plof whatever you may call it. There are a lot of variations of plov, it varies from countries to countries and even kitchen to kitchen. buckwheat chicken pulav/plov/plof/pilaf

Buck wheat is something I see a lot in the super market here and not dared to take it. I never had it before. Hubby used to say he had it a lot from college and hospital canteens here. It’s a staple food of Russians and used very widely here as well.

One fine day I was brave enough to buy it and try making our dinner with it. I had no clue how it tastes and to cook as well.Googled to find the solution and found that cooking method was more like rice. buckwheat chicken pulav/plov/plof/pilaf

It has a nutty taste and I completely loved its taste and texture. My decision to give a break to usual rice and chapathi with super food buckwheat was complete success.A great gluten-free alternative to wheat. Now one more dish added to our week day menu!!!! I used chicken to make it complete meal, you can use other meats or shrimps as well.

Here is the healthilicious buckwheat chicken plov recipe.

Health Tips :-

  • buckwheat helps to improve heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • buckwheat is enriched with antioxidants.
  • They are low in glycemic index and helps to prevent diabetics.
  • This super food is rich in vitamin and minerals.
  • buckwheat is gluten-free as well.

Ingredients :-

  1. Buckwheat groats – 2 cups (Roasted)
  2. Oil – 2 table spoon
  3. Onion – 2 big
  4. Carrots – 2
  5. Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves
  6. Cumin – 1 tea spoon
  7. Crushed pepper – 1 to 2 tea spoon (as per taste)
  8. Chicken – 400 g
  9. Ginger garlic paste – 1 1/2 tea spoon
  10. Pepper powder – 1 tea spoon
  11. Lemon juice – 2 tea spoon
  12. Salt – to taste

Direction :-

  1. Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic paste,pepper powder,lemon juice and enough salt and keep aside for minimum 30 minutes.
  2. Boil water in a deep bottom vessel, and add washed buckwheat into it with enough salt. When the grains 80 percent cooked, drain off the water by dumping into a colander and keep aside.
  3. In another deep bottom pan heat oil,splutter the cumin and  add in marinated chicken and fry until just  chicken lightly browned.
  4. Then add in finely chopped onion, grated garlic and Julienne cut carrots and saute well. Add in salt and crushed pepper, close the lid and cook until onion and carrot became soft and chicken almost cooked.
  5. Now add the cooked buckwheat into the chicken mixture and mix really well. Close the lid and cook for another 5 to 6 minutes in low flame.
  6. Serve buckwheat plove with yogurt and cucumber raita.

Tips & Tricks :-

  • If you have unroasted buckwheat,simply dry roast it in a pan for 4 to 5 minutes or until golden brown color.
  • Make sure not to over cook the buckwheat, it may become mushy.
  • Use your choice of meat or prawns instead of chicken.

buckwheat chicken pulav/plov/plof/pilaf

Honey Cake (Medovik)

Honey cake (Medovik)

Hey. Belated happy new year to all my lovely readers. I am back again after a very long gaaap that I have ever taken from blogging world!!! Due to some or other reason, I had to stand away from this. Anyways hope I will be able to post regularly from now on.

I am here with a delicious recipe – Honey Cake. Its an age old Russian cake, called here as ‘Medovik’ (in Russian). This is very tender and delicate cake, which is so rich and delicious.You have to prepare the cake before a day you serve it,both the cream and cake will pair very well and will tastes amazing. The Star ingredient in frosting is Delce De Leche (Cooked condensed mik), so you could imagine how yummy this cake would be!!

This was in my to do recipe list for quite sometimes. Whenever I see the honey cake pieces here in bakery shops, used to carve for a portion. Never bought it thinking I will make myself. I rarely put my hands on cake with frosting because we both can’t have it completely. Thats how making honey cake also took this long. So when we invited a friend for lunch, I thought of making Honey cake as a dessert.Served them after lunch, packed him some pieces of cake, we kept few for ourselves and I have given away some for my miklady. Got good comment from hubby jaan and his friend. He had it from outside many times and said this is how it usually tastes.Most happiest part was milklady took recipe from me saying that which came out really well ;). I was so thrilled when I heard from her.

Russian honey cake (medovik)Russian honey cake (medovik)

I am warning you, this is not for someone who is dieting, because you will keep on eating once you start having it. Its a super delicious cake with ingredients easily available. Anyways, lets see the recipe.


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Syrniki (Farmer’s Cheese Russian Pancake)

Syrniki (Farmers cheese pancake)

Here is easy and delicious another breakfast item, again with farmers cheese(Tvorog). In russian its called “Syrniki”. This pancake is very popular here. Commonly prepared in every household. I love to make this because it makes mess free breakfast and tasty too.I also made another breakfast item with farmers cheese – Farmer’s Cheese Cake (Breakfast Cheese Cake) .

I got this recipe from a hotel’s kitchen ;).. yes! When my Brother and family visited us here, we went to Bukhara (a famous historical – tourist destination in Uzbekistan). It was on friday, after checking out from hotel, hubby and bro went for friday prayer. We waited them on lobby. Since kids were there….we don’t want to sit in the car. On that day for breakfast buffet, they also served this tasty pancake. When I got a chance to talk with a lady there, I asked about this. She took me to their kitchen and showed me each ingredients and method. They were very happy and proud that I asked them for the recipe. She also wrote it in a paper in russian :).

It’s not complicated recipe and any starters can make this easy pancake. You can always substitute farmers cheese with ricotta or cottage cheese. Farmer’s cheese texture is much drier than cottage cheese. So make sure to drain of the excess water if it has.

Lets see the recipe……..

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Potato Pancake

Potato is one of my favorite veggyy and I love to have it in any form. This pancake is one of the popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. I think they would have got that culture from Russians.(shhh… I don’t know…this is just my guess ;)…) whatever it is, the pancake with this humble and super nutritious veggyy  is really easy to make….yet delicious!

I became a fan of potato pancake after coming here. I always used to google, google and google to find out something new to add to our menu, especially breakfast recipes. Thats how I got this recipe and fell in love with this. Some people used to top it with meat fillings as well.

Potato pancake is one of the item which I usually make on lazy weekends. It doesn’t take much time to put together. Hot pancakes with tomato ketchup and some sour cream…. our usual way of enjoying this soft and delicious breakfast item.

Lets see the recipe…..

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Farmer’s Cheese Cake (Breakfast Cheese Cake)

Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

Farmer’s cheese (“tvorog” in russian) is widely used as a breakfast item here. They simply have it by pouring some milk and sugar or make pan cake out of it (recipe coming soon!) Or cheesecake like this.  When I accompany my husband, when he go to nearby cities for his duty related purpose, from most of the hotels they serve these items for breakfast. Thats how I started noticing this. But when I had this cake first time, i dint realised that this was made out of farmer’s cheese.

I got this recipe from the milklady who used to bring me milk, fresh cream, curd and farmer’s cheese etc… she brings me all homemade, fresh products. Farmer’s cheese I rarely buy from her… only when I feel to make pan cake with it. One day she insisted me to buy tvorog, I told her if you can give me a recipe to make something with this other than pan cake I will buy. Thats when she explained me the recipe. Since this is not a complicated recipe, I understood without more drama ;). Even though we doesn’t know a common language to communicate, we talks so many things ;)…. I can understand little bit of russian language now. From her I learned so many words as well. More than any thing, ” Action speaks better than words”right?! Little words and more hand gestures are our way of communication. If these two-way doesn’t work, google translator comes for rescue 😁! Hubby used to say your early morning time pass is her. On off days, he will be there listening our drama by half sleep in bed.

This is really easy to put together with very little ingredients and  healthy breakfast cheese cake too….entirely different from american cheese cake which is eaten as a dessert. You can substitute ricotta cheese or cottage cheese with farmer’s cheese, but make sure to drain off the excess water they have.

If your kids are hesitating to have farmer’s cheese/cottage cheese alone, this is a way to make them eat…they wont even know there is something like this hidden in this. They will enjoy it like a dessert!!


Farmers cheese breakfast cheesecake

I got this cake more yellowish color because of my egg yolk, it was really dark orange color.

Lets see how this yummy breakfast cake is made…….

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