Bhatura Recipe (Deep Fried Leavened Indian Bread)

Bhatura Recipe (Deep Fried Leavened Indian Bread) Malabar Bhatoora recipe

Bhatoora is puffed Indian bread which is leavened and deep fried. They are very commonly served with Chole (Chick  pea curry) in northern part of India. But when it comes to Malabar, we need something non-veg side.  Butter Chicken is the best buddy to pair with Bhatoora. Mutton Kurma and Bhatoora is another family favorite combo, as I prepared today! Chicken Korma will pair them well too.

For preparing Bhatura, I have used Yeast to proof the bread. Curd and baking soda can also be used as leavening agent if you are not fan of yeast. Our house help – very own Pathootha, used to make best bhatoora, and we can even have her Bhatoora without curry. They are so soft, fluffy and flavorful. She used to add both the combination of coconut milk and regular milk and everyone at home follow her recipe now a days. Bhatura Recipe (Deep Fried Leavened Indian Bread) Malabar Bhatoora recipe

I have used plain flour here, but you can use combination of both plain flour and whole wheat flour as well.

Lets see the recipe!

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Products used for the recipe :-

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

Vatrushka is cheese topped buns, one of the most popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. Every cafes and bakery section of super market here,you can see vatrushka. One among the snack/breakfast item they prepare using farmers cheese (tvorog). I have already shared some of the russian/uzbek recipes with farmers cheese.  Vatrushka is cheesecake in soft and fluffy buns…..aren’t that sounds interesting??!! It really taste great and it makes a filling breakfast too.

All the ingredients are very easily available and can be prepared without much hard work.My friend Nazeema (hubby’s colleague’s wife) who shared this recipe with me (a bunch of recipes she shared with me actually), very long time ago. Was keeping on postponing it because hubby is not a big fan of yeast breads.

When I saw MFB challenge this month subject as “breakfast” item, did not think much. Every month used to try to participate for the challenge, but one or other reason, I fail to  post anything on those days. I am glad that this month it’s up.

Usually cheese filling used to be plain, without any dry fruits addition. Lemme tell you, apricot very well take the cheese filling to the next level. They really complement each other. If you can’t find farmer’s cheese, cream cheese,cottage cheese or ricotta cheese can be substituted. Apricot can be substituted with raisins,dried cherries,cranberries etc.

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

You don’t need to wake up early morning to prepare Vatrushka. I have prepared the dough night before and refrigerated it. Only filling and assembling I did it on the next day.

Anyways lets see the recipe….

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Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza Dough from Scratch

How about a pizza dough from scratch which takes less than 15 minutes of preparation time?? Why you want to go out and have pizza when you can make it in your own kitchen with all fresh ingredients, limited budget, which taste as good as shop bought, or may be better than that?!

If you are not a pizza lover…..there are alot of other things which you can make with this dough!! Happy ??!!I have made a tasty middle eastern snack – Fatayer with pizza dough for our Iftar (recipe follows soon)! Or how about a bread knots to accompany your soup? Let your creativity fly and make delicious appetizers with this simple dough. I surely will update some interesting recipes in coming days Insha allah!

Best thing about the pizza dough is you can make this ahead of time! This dough freezes well up to 3 months! Ladies….if pizza dough is ready in your freezer, you can make filling dinner by adding your favorite topping on your lazzy/busy days!! Or unexpected guest for dinner…..there you have a quick solution! Whats say?!

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Whole Wheat Scones

Whole Wheat Scones

Freshly baked scones with some Jam and cream makes a perfect breakfast with hot cup of tea or coffee… right?! When my  Raspberry Jam were ready in jars, I very badly wanted to bake some scones too. This recipe was book marked long time, I thought this is the right time to bake.


This whole wheat scones are not overly sweet, but when you have it with Jam it gives perfect sweetness. Clotted cream and jam with scones pairs well too. I substituted the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour from the original recipe, which gives extra nutty flavour and also I wanna avoid using those white flours as much as possible.


Lets see the recipe…

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Chinese Steamed Bun

Chinese steamed bun

Soft and fluffy, steamed buns all the way from China. They can be prepared with easily available ingredients and you don’t need oven to make these delicious buns.

During our Delhi stay, even though we walked a zillion times in front of this restaurant when we were roaming around in CP, never got into it. During our last visit to India, finally we decided to try some Chinese food from there. I am talking about ‘China garden restaurant’ in Delhi, CP -G block. We stayed just near by this restaurant on our last visit. Every morning when we get down from hotel, I used to tell my hubby that we must try this restaurant this time. A day before our flight to Tashkent, it was a very tiry day, busy schedules….so many things to do before going back and favorite part of Delhi visit – shopping too…We were really tired and hungry after a tight day. Left all our shopping bags and everything at the hotel, we decided to go to China garden restaurants.

We were surprised to see the crowd inside. From outside the restaurant, we cant see what is going on there. Absolutely loved the ambiance. Very good service. Above all, tastiest food. I must say, Tastiest Chinese food I have ever had before.Menu has got lot many varieties. We were impatient to spend time to go through all the items. Finally we decided to order a hot and sour soup to start with, chilli crab(both of us love crab), chinese duck roast(his favorite) and something with chicken( i forgot the name of that dish) with chinese steamed bun as main meal and Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream) as dessert. I never had chinese steamed bun before. To be honest, I didn’t even know there is something like this existed. He had it before with his friends, so we decided to go for it. If you are ever being at Connaught Place at delhi and love to try chinese, I recommend this restaurant.

They served hot steamed bun in a bamboo steamer, which was soft and fluffyy. Both bun and bamboo steamer caught my eyes…. soo cute (wanna own one such steamer  ;)…it was really cute….I am sure if my mom sees it, she will definitely get it before me 😍).

On that day I told my hubby, I will definitely try to make this bun as soon as I reach tashkent. Some how it took 2 months for me to try. I was really happy with the result. Didn’t think that it will come out well at my first trial.

I served this cute bun with Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken, and jullian cut carrot and cucumber.

Lets get started…..

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Layered Paratha/Lacha Paratha (Multi Layered Indian Flat Bread)

Layered paratha (lacha paratha)

Parathas are a traditional staple food of Southern Asia. There are different varieties of parathas across the region. One of the most popular parathas is Potato stuffed Indian flat bread (Aloo paratha) which I have posted already. The main ingredients of any parathas are whole wheat powder, water,salt and ghee or oil, with this we can add lot many varieties of veggies, meat,cheese etc.

Layer paratha doesn’t have any stuffing. Few layers are created by spreading oil/ghee between the layers, which gives this paratha more flavor and little crispiness. There are few different methods for preparing lacha paratha. Traditionally, parathas are prepared for breakfast or dinner with some curry or raitas and pickles. You can even have this with evening cup of tea as it is.

I served this with Kannur style Spicy Beef Curry. You can have this with any veg or non veg curries/side dishes such as Mixed dal and Vegetable Kurma , Kerala style Spicy Duck RoastLiver Fry etc…..

This layer paratha doesn’t require any preplanning, can be prepared with ingredients readily available in almost all kitchen.


Lets see how this easy layered parathas are made…..


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Sushki – Crunchy Russian tea bread

20 Sushki Russian Tea bread

Sushki is a crunchy snack which is loved by kids and elders alike. We can get sushki here in all grocery shops and super markets with slight variations and different sizes. Sushki is a cruncy bread, mildly sweet. Some sprinkle poppy seeds, some with sesame seeds, i also got some with mild paprika powder on top. Sushki very commonly available plain – without any seeds or paprika. Normal sushki is made out of just flour,egg,salt and water.

Now most of the kids got winter/christmas holidays. When kids stay at home, they need something to munch on every now and then right? You can make this small bankle shaped snack ahead of time and store in airtight containers for weeks.

Sushki is really easy to make with limited number of ingredients.

Lets see how its made…..

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Khachapuri (Georgian cheese stuffed bread)

Khachapuri (Georgian cheese stuffed bread)

Kachapuri is bread dough stuffed with mixed cheese filling and baked to the perfection. Addition of farmer’s cheese in the dough made it so tasty and soft. Over all a power packed breakfast, and you can put together without much fuss.

Are you a cheese lover??? Then definitely you gonna love this. Actually I came to know about this was, when I had a lot of farmers cheese left in my fridge and I was searching for recipes where I can use it as some breakfast item. I got this recipe from “olga’s flavours factory” one of my favorite blog where I tried so many Russian and other recipes….thanks to her.

This is a famous Georgian cheese stuffed bread, I never had it before. My hubby told me he had it during his Georgia trip, taste is almost similar to what I made. Hmmm got certificate ;)…. but when I searched for khachapuri recipe, found so many varieties…don’t know which is more authentic way…but still this one is so lovely…

Enjoy it soon after it comes out of the oven.We had it with tomato ketchup ( I am a ketchupyy gaal ;)….loves to have any savory snacks with ketchup). yummmm!

Lets see how its made.

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Aloo paratha (Potato stuffed Indian flat bread)

Aloo paratha (Potato stuffed Indian flat bread)

Indian cuisines differ with states or even districts. Aloo paratha is a famous breakfast item in north,central part of India.Even though it is traditionally used as breakfast item,it can be taken at any time of the day… Boiled potatoes lightly spiced up and stuffed in whole wheat dough, then cooked in hot griddle.

Our favorite shopping destination is our own capital city – Delhi.I fell in love with aloo stuffed paratha during our delhi trip.Hot aloo paratha with lemon pickle…and hot cup of coffee…. woww…what else you want??!!what a delicious way to start a day!! We do shop for hours after a power pack breakfast with this or after roaming around in CP(Conaught Place – one of the famous business/shopping destination in delhi), we fuel up with hot aloo paratha – you dont need to wait for long after ordering :).

Another place where we enjoy Aloo paratha is Delhi airport food court ;). Usually our flight to tashkent used to be at midnight. So our dinner on that day will be from airport food court.My husband will be searching what he wanna eat (he will be confused and used to end up in some fast food), but i go directly to aloo paratha counter,order one and a filter coffee from “Vangoo” (Tamil food stall).

You can also pack this for your kids in tiffins to school, no need of curry and other mess up. its really filling tooo.

There are alot of varieties of Aloo paratha. It differ with technique of preparation and stuffing.

Its very easy to make and tastyy tooo….ingredients are easily available… what are you waiting for?….lets gets started.

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