Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Hammus Recipe

Hammus is a very popular middle eastern/Mediterranean dip, which is very healthy and super delicious. They are commonly made using cooked chick peas. (Here is a Video recipe to perfectly cook and store Chick pea at home).

I have flavored classic hammus with sun dried tomato.We love tangy and smokey flavor which gives to our hammus. You can simply opt them out if you dont want to use it. I have used Home made tahini which gave my hammus lot more fresh taste and healthier than store bought one.Creamy sun-dried tomato Hammus recipe with home made tahini

We love to have hammus with as a dip for our veggies. You could use them as spread on your bread for sandwiches as a healthy and vegan alternative to your mayonnaise.

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How to make Tahini at home (Home made tahini sauce)

Tahini is a middle eastern/Mediterranean staple, they use it for making lot of dips,salad dressing and even for making some sweets. Making Tahini sauce at home is super simple and it taste lot more fresh and way more healthier than your store bought one. It just require 3 simple ingredients and a blender to make them.

When I came to tashkent, to make hammus, I searched almost all grocery store for tahini. My bad luck I couldn’t find tahini any where. Because of language issue,they couldn’t understand what I was asking as well. They din’t hear the word “Tahini”. I was not aware that tahini is made with sesame seeds at that time to explain them.

As a person who find solution from google for anything and everything, I simply searched for Tahini as well!! To my surprise I found that, tahini was just sesame seeds butter. I was like…. “Really”!!

Now I could get sesame seeds butter in healthy food section in our grocery store in Tashkent. But making them at home is cheaper than store bought one here. So I often make tahini at home. And also I found that, for store bought one they use lot more oil than I use for homemade one. May be to preserve it for longer and for thinner consistency.Healthy homemade tahini recipe from scratch

You can use tahini for making your HammusSalad Dressing or making Dips

Anyways, if it is difficult for you to get tahini in your local groceries, don’t worry. You can make it at home with really simple ingredients. Here you go the recipe!!

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Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves

Meat and rice Dolma with Vine leaves

Dolma is one of the very popular dish in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and middle east. Grape leaves  stuffed with meat and rice filling, lightly spiced and cooked to perfection. Other veggies like Zucchini, bell pepper, cabbage, eggplants are also used instead of grape leaves. I became fan of Dolma after coming to Tashkent. All these years, from UAE, I never dared to taste Dolma, somehow in my mind that was some weird snack, which is not suitable for my taste buds.

Once my friend here brought me piping hot Uzbek dinner, two types of Dolma (with grape leaves and bell pepper Dolma) and Uzbek Samosa and some sweets. When I opened the box first I saw was grape leaves Dolma. My face became 🙁 immediately. Hubby started eating that one after another. I just looked at him and asked –  is it that tasty you are enjoying it like anything??! In my life, first time I tasted Dolma on that day!!! Since then I decided never prejudice anything as I did with Dolma!!! Sorry Dolma for underestimating you 😀

I was waiting for summer to get fresh grape leaves. You can also use canned vine leaves which will be available in most of the Middle eastern/Asian stores. You can also get them online.

Filling can be adjusted as per your family preference. It can make without meat for Vegetarian/vegan version. Carrots, minced cabbage, mushrooms etc can also be used. There is no strict rules how the filling should be.

I cooked Dolma with Chicken stock which I had in my fridge. It definitely enhanced over all flavor. Dolma with dollop of sour cream were sooo good, as we enjoyed it for our Iftar. It can be used as snack/appetizer or serve it as your dinner.

If you had pre-judged Dolma as I did, I strongly recommend you to try this at least once. Lemme know how you enjoyed them.


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Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

One of the most famous ramadan treat,Middle eastern sweet snack – qatayef.  Yeast pancakes are filled with simple and delicious nuts mixture, baked/fried to perfection an d dipped in flavored sugar syrup and devoured!!!

Can you believe we are at the last 10 days of Ramadan now??!! I din’t even know how these beautiful days flied. Alhamdulillah went well so far. I delayed Ramadan posts till these days, because of blog back end work. Hope you all liked our new theme and please let me know if you face any issues.

During Ramadan one or the other Middle eastern desserts hold my Iftar table everyday. Some how those sweets call for Ramadan for me. When comes to savory snacks, no choice other than our very own Malabar snacks.

Best part of qatayef is they will freeze very well. I have added  pine, walnut and coconut mixture. You can use your choice of nuts mixture. And instead of those nuts filling, you can also fill them with cheese of your choice. Sometimes I used to fill both cheese and nuts together. Back home everyone is fan of cheese qatayef. Baked Qatayef Recipe with Nuts filling

Hope you will love this recipes as much as we did. Lemme know what filling variation you did and how you enjoyed it. Always love to hear from you.  Lets see the recipe……….


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Luqaimat (Middle Eastern Sweet Dumplings)

Luqaimat (middle eastern fried dumplings)

Luqaimat is one of the yummiest and my all time favorite middle eastern sweet snack. These sweet dumplings are very easy to prepare as well. If you had this yummy snack once in your life time, you would probably have craved for it again. Or if you have never had luqaimat, I suggest you must try once.

These fried sweet dumplings are a must on Iftar table amongst Arabs. We used to make this at least once during Ramadhan. Once you have a platter full of luqaimat in your hand, I bet you won’t stop eating them.

We both were keeping on eating this crunchy snack and finished all of them. These little snacks are little crunchy on outside, and little softer inside. Proofed batter are fried in hot oil and drizzle some honey or sugar syrup on hot dumplings and yummmm. We always prefer to enjoy it with honey.

Lets see the recipe……….

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Umm Ali (Egyptian Dessert)

Umm Ali/Omm Ali is a delectable and an age-old middle eastern dessert which gets creaminess from the milk & cream and crunchiness from the nuts used in it. This scrumpitious dessert is an absolute bliss. The perfect and soothing sweet dish for your Iftar too.

The arabic word “Umm Ali” literally means “Ali’s mother”. Sounds funny right?! But the bowl full of creamy & melt in your mouth dessert makes you forget about the name and you gonna love this and start making it for the rest of your dessert carving. There are many stories behind this sweet dish, but one thing for sure, Ali’s mother and wife of Sultan Ezz El Din Aybak, who has created this wonderful dessert is a Master Chef.

Traditionally Umm Ali is made using puff pastry, phyllo pastry or even with croissants as a base for the dessert. Topped with sweetened creamy milk and nuts of your choice. Believe me guys this is a super easy dessert and you will love-making it and enjoy having it.

Back in UAE, this delicious dessert is one of the unavoidable dessert in the buffet menu. I remember enjoying Umm Ali in our Office Iftar parties too. This dessert is traditionally served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or with whipped cream on top. But trust me which is yummy by its own. I used to serve this irresistible dessert cold as well. Umm ali


Let see the super easy recipe………….

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Warka – Home made pastry leaves (Moroccan Phyllo Dough)

Warka - Home made pastry leaves (Moroccan Phyllo Dough)

First of all, Ramadan Kareem to all my lovely readers. Blessed month is already here after a long wait. Today is second day of Ramadan here in Tashkent and alhamdulillah yesterday it went really well. For those who doesn’t know what is this month all about –  Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic calendar and muslims all around the glob observe fasting (abstain from eating,drinking, and all other bodily pleasure) from dawn to sunset. And observing fasting in this blessed month is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Ramadan experience is completely different here. Back in UAE, we will feel the difference in all the ways. Being it in office/school, shopping malls or wherever you go, every where we can get that spiritual feeling. Same in Kerala as well. But here everything going as usual days outside. Even then I am so excited and hope we all can utilise this blessed month at its fullest without wasting time.

After a long day of fasting, Iftar time (breaking fast after sunset) is really special and its Sunnah to break the fast soon after the sunset. Age old tradition of Iftar is with water/buttermilk and dates. But we makes sweet and savory dishes with some fresh fruits and juices as well.

As part of Ramadan preparation, I made this paper-thin pastry sheet at home itself. If you lived in middle easter countries or ever visited there, you might have seen different sweet and savory dishes made with this paper-thin pastry sheet. Or if you are ever been to Dubai shopping festival, while you were roaming around in global village, you might have seen some arabic ladies sitting on the floor in a small hut, by wearing abaya and golden color face veil and making this paper thin crepe like sheet and they used to put some cheese on it and drizzle with some honey. Oh my god! its super tasty. But their style of making is bit different, even though I tried making on their style, I failed that attempt. I guess it need lots and lots of practices.

But don’t worry, you can make this by yourself with very little ingredients and bit more extra time in a super easy way. Not extra time actually. I made this while chatting with friends and calling back home. Then you won’t even feel like you made something.This thin sheets are made by searing the batter using a pastry brush on a non stick pan.

My warka is already in the fridge…… you go the recipe for you to make!

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