Kerala style Healthy Sweet Potato Balls recipe

Kerala style Healthy Sweet Potato Balls recipe

Sweet potato is one of my favorite veggy and this sweet potato balls are incredibly delicious and soo nutritious too, something which I can eat whole batch all by myself and it will make me completely satisfied . Unfortunately its very hard to find sweet potato here in Tashkent. Normal potatoes are staple here. I always wonder why this tastiest and nutritious potatoes are not familiar in this part of the world. When I come home, I always make sure to buy sweet potatoes and indulge in them. They are great source of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

These healthy balls are super easy to make. It has just 3 ingredients. Boiled potatoes are again sweetened with jaggery and mixed freshly grated coconuts. This makes great after school/office snack or with evening cup of tea or tasty breakfast too. For me it can be enjoyed at any time of the day :-).


Kerala style Healthy Sweet Potato Balls recipe

Don’t forget to try sweet potato this way when you buy next time. If you are a sweet potato lover, I am sure you will enjoy every bit of it.

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Sweet Kalathappam/Kalthappam Recipe (Jaggery sweetened Rice cake)

Sweet Kalathappam/Kalthappam Recipe (Jaggery sweetened Rice cake)

Sweet Kalathappam – A traditional rice cake, all the way from North Malabar. I have already shared Unsweetened version of Kalathappam. This dish always make me feel so homely. They are perfect with your evening cup of Coffee/Tea. And if you are a sweet person for breakfast like me, they can make a perfect breakfast too.

You can prepare this exotic rice cake with very minimal ingredients and very easily. Rice and jaggery is the main ingredient of this recipe. Did you notice most of the Kerala special snacks and desserts are sweetened with jaggery?? That caramely flavor enhance the taste of our sweet dishes. Addition of shallots/pearl onion and chopped coconuts are the highlight of this cake. They give exotic flavor to our kalathappam. I love when we get coconut bites in between soft Kalathappam. Don’t avoid coconut and onion while you make this sweet kalathappam. Sweet Kalathappam/Kalthappam Recipe (Jaggery sweetened Rice cake)

This is a no fail recipe, you can always  get perfect kalathappam with those beautiful lines if you follow measurement and instruction correctly. We always used to prepare them in Pressure cooker without pressure button.

Hope you gonna try this recipe and lemme know the feedback. So lets see the recipe.


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Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Cooling and refreshing cucumber lemonade is one of the best summer special drink which you can have throughout the day.They can be made with minimal ingredients within no time. All the ingredients can be found throughout the year.This is one of the family favorite recipe.During summer I use to stock my refrigerator with some kind of lemonade and cucumber lemonade is one of the favorite among them.

One of the biggest advantage of homemade lemonade is that you can sweeten them as per your liking. Store bought lemonades are always overly sweetened. I always add honey to sweeten my lemonade to make it a healthier version. I have added a small piece of ginger, I love its zesty flavour.

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

This lemonade recipe is not something which you need to follow the exact recipe, you can adjust the recipe as per your liking and make your own refreshing lemonades.Do definitely try this way and lemme know how you enjoyed it. These are my other summer drinks if you would like to try healthy pomegranate lemonade  and strawberry iced tea.


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Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

This is a very traditional payasam which my grandam and mom used to make. Sooo rich and delicious Vanpayar payasam always reminds me of my childhood. On off days mom used to make this as a breakfast item. It will fill you up really well. They taste so great the next day after refrigerating.

Unlike the other normal kerala payasam, we are adding ground white rice to this payasam, which make payasam little more thicker and creamier. You could call them as a pudding payasam as well. They have more like pudding like consistency.

They are soo rich with coconut milk, sweetened with jaggery, loaded with cooked Vanpayar (Red cow peas) which makes this delicious payasam soo healthy too. I have added extra grated coconut to get the biting in between the creamy paysam. Kannur Style Vanpayar Payasam (Red Cow Peas Payasam Recipe)

This recipe is my contribution to this months’s MFB challenge, “Cook from your mom’s recipe”. You cant go wrong with your grandma’s and mom’s recipe isn’t??! and those dishes are sooo close to our heart too! I am so happily sharing my mom’s recipe here.

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Butter cake without oven (Vanilla cake recipe)

Butter cake without oven (Vanilla cake recipe)

This butter cake recipe is there in our family for ages now. My sister has been baking this cake ever since I remember and never heard of it failed. They are soo buttery rich, soft and moist and perfect with your evening cuppa.

You need very basic ingredients for this cake and can be whipped in less than 20 minutes. If you want you can use frosting, but we always have them plain with our tea.

Sometimes we add chopped nuts and dried fruits. Cashews and chopped dates are our favorite addition to this cake.  I have showed how to bake them without oven, but oven baking instructions as well given. Butter cake without oven (Vanilla cake recipe)

This butter cake is loved by our friends here in Tashkent as well, one of the thing which they always ask to bake again and again. I hope you all gonna try and lemme know the feedback. Here you go the recipe.


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Crunchy cranberry granola recipe with Honey

Crunchy cranberry granola recipe with Honey

Making granola at home is as easy as 1,2,3. Yes you just need to dump all the ingredients in a bowl & mix, bake them and devour. This cranberry granola is crunchy, healthy and super delicious.

I have loaded them with almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and cranberry. But you could swap them as per your preference. I will strongly recommend adding coconut to this. The smell of toasted coconut really added so much flavor to the granola. May be because I am tropical girl, coconut to anything will impress me well.

If you got bored of making and having oats as a porridge for breakfast, this granola will give an interesting twist.

It serve as a protein rich breakfast – as cereal or with some yogurt, sour cream or clotted cream. You could top them with your ice cream and simply much on as a snack as well.

Anyways, lets see the recipe

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Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Hammus Recipe

Hammus is a very popular middle eastern/Mediterranean dip, which is very healthy and super delicious. They are commonly made using cooked chick peas. (Here is a Video recipe to perfectly cook and store Chick pea at home).

I have flavored classic hammus with sun dried tomato.We love tangy and smokey flavor which gives to our hammus. You can simply opt them out if you dont want to use it. I have used Home made tahini which gave my hammus lot more fresh taste and healthier than store bought one.Creamy sun-dried tomato Hammus recipe with home made tahini

We love to have hammus with as a dip for our veggies. You could use them as spread on your bread for sandwiches as a healthy and vegan alternative to your mayonnaise.

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How to make Tahini at home (Home made tahini sauce)

Tahini is a middle eastern/Mediterranean staple, they use it for making lot of dips,salad dressing and even for making some sweets. Making Tahini sauce at home is super simple and it taste lot more fresh and way more healthier than your store bought one. It just require 3 simple ingredients and a blender to make them.

When I came to tashkent, to make hammus, I searched almost all grocery store for tahini. My bad luck I couldn’t find tahini any where. Because of language issue,they couldn’t understand what I was asking as well. They din’t hear the word “Tahini”. I was not aware that tahini is made with sesame seeds at that time to explain them.

As a person who find solution from google for anything and everything, I simply searched for Tahini as well!! To my surprise I found that, tahini was just sesame seeds butter. I was like…. “Really”!!

Now I could get sesame seeds butter in healthy food section in our grocery store in Tashkent. But making them at home is cheaper than store bought one here. So I often make tahini at home. And also I found that, for store bought one they use lot more oil than I use for homemade one. May be to preserve it for longer and for thinner consistency.Healthy homemade tahini recipe from scratch

You can use tahini for making your HammusSalad Dressing or making Dips

Anyways, if it is difficult for you to get tahini in your local groceries, don’t worry. You can make it at home with really simple ingredients. Here you go the recipe!!

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Super moist dates & chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting

Super moist dates & chocolate cake recipe

I will be happy if I could bake, bake and bake everyday. I will be happier if it is with my favorite ever ingredient – Chocolate. And I will be the happiest if it comes out so delicious and decadent. Yea I am the happiest today!!! This super moist, dates and chocolate cake came out really well. Unlike the normal chocolate cake, this cake is loaded with lots of goodness. I have used nutrient rich dates and almonds and antioxidant rich dark chocolate. You can use your favorite chocolates. Be sure to use good quality chocolates, which decides the taste of your cake for sure.

This cake were sooo soft &  moist, nutty and rich. Chocolate fudge frosting took them to the next level. We couldn’t stop at one serving. Best part about this cake is you don’t need to worry about beat eggs or creaming butter kind of things in this cake. You just need your bowl and spatula and combine all the ingredients with them. So any beginners can bake this cake without worrying about those technical things. Super moist dates & chocolate cake recipe

Now I hope you have sorted out your valentine’s day dessert  Right??!! They can be baked on any special occasion.

Hope you gonna enjoy baking and devouring this yummillicious cake.

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