Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Cooling and refreshing cucumber lemonade is one of the best summer special drink which you can have throughout the day.They can be made with minimal ingredients within no time. All the ingredients can be found throughout the year.This is one of the family favorite recipe.During summer I use to stock my refrigerator with some kind of lemonade and cucumber lemonade is one of the favorite among them.

One of the biggest advantage of homemade lemonade is that you can sweeten them as per your liking. Store bought lemonades are always overly sweetened. I always add honey to sweeten my lemonade to make it a healthier version. I have added a small piece of ginger, I love its zesty flavour.

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

This lemonade recipe is not something which you need to follow the exact recipe, you can adjust the recipe as per your liking and make your own refreshing lemonades.Do definitely try this way and lemme know how you enjoyed it. These are my other summer drinks if you would like to try healthy pomegranate lemonade  and strawberry iced tea.


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