Butter cake without oven (Vanilla cake recipe)

This butter cake recipe is there in our family for ages now. My sister has been baking this cake ever since I remember and never heard of it failed. They are soo buttery rich, soft and moist and perfect with your evening cuppa.

You need very basic ingredients for this cake and can be whipped in less than 20 minutes. If you want you can use frosting, but we always have them plain with our tea.

Sometimes we add chopped nuts and dried fruits. Cashews and chopped dates are our favorite addition to this cake.  I have showed how to bake them without oven, but oven baking instructions as well given. Butter cake without oven (Vanilla cake recipe)

This butter cake is loved by our friends here in Tashkent as well, one of the thing which they always ask to bake again and again. I hope you all gonna try and lemme know the feedback. Here you go the recipe.


⇒ Click here to get written & printable recipe


Get video recipe here!

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