How to make Tahini at home (Home made tahini sauce)

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Tahini is a middle eastern/Mediterranean staple, they use it for making lot of dips,salad dressing and even for making some sweets. Making Tahini sauce at home is super simple and it taste lot more fresh and way more healthier than your store bought one. It just require 3 simple ingredients and a blender to make them.

When I came to tashkent, to make hammus, I searched almost all grocery store for tahini. My bad luck I couldn’t find tahini any where. Because of language issue,they couldn’t understand what I was asking as well. They din’t hear the word “Tahini”. I was not aware that tahini is made with sesame seeds at that time to explain them.

As a person who find solution from google for anything and everything, I simply searched for Tahini as well!! To my surprise I found that, tahini was just sesame seeds butter. I was like…. “Really”!!

Now I could get sesame seeds butter in healthy food section in our grocery store in Tashkent. But making them at home is cheaper than store bought one here. So I often make tahini at home. And also I found that, for store bought one they use lot more oil than I use for homemade one. May be to preserve it for longer and for thinner consistency.Healthy homemade tahini recipe from scratch

You can use tahini for making your HammusSalad Dressing or making Dips

Anyways, if it is difficult for you to get tahini in your local groceries, don’t worry. You can make it at home with really simple ingredients. Here you go the recipe!!

⇒ Get written & printable recipe here


Get Video recipe here!

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