Super moist dates & chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting

I will be happy if I could bake, bake and bake everyday. I will be happier if it is with my favorite ever ingredient – Chocolate. And I will be the happiest if it comes out so delicious and decadent. Yea I am the happiest today!!! This super moist, dates and chocolate cake came out really well. Unlike the normal chocolate cake, this cake is loaded with lots of goodness. I have used nutrient rich dates and almonds and antioxidant rich dark chocolate. You can use your favorite chocolates. Be sure to use good quality chocolates, which decides the taste of your cake for sure.

This cake were sooo soft &  moist, nutty and rich. Chocolate fudge frosting took them to the next level. We couldn’t stop at one serving. Best part about this cake is you don’t need to worry about beat eggs or creaming butter kind of things in this cake. You just need your bowl and spatula and combine all the ingredients with them. So any beginners can bake this cake without worrying about those technical things. Super moist dates & chocolate cake recipe

Now I hope you have sorted out your valentine’s day dessert  Right??!! They can be baked on any special occasion.

Hope you gonna enjoy baking and devouring this yummillicious cake.

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