Bhatura Recipe (Deep Fried Leavened Indian Bread)

Bhatoora is puffed Indian bread which is leavened and deep fried. They are very commonly served with Chole (Chick  pea curry) in northern part of India. But when it comes to Malabar, we need something non-veg side.  Butter Chicken is the best buddy to pair with Bhatoora. Mutton Kurma and Bhatoora is another family favorite combo, as I prepared today! Chicken Korma will pair them well too.

For preparing Bhatura, I have used Yeast to proof the bread. Curd and baking soda can also be used as leavening agent if you are not fan of yeast. Our house help – very own Pathootha, used to make best bhatoora, and we can even have her Bhatoora without curry. They are so soft, fluffy and flavorful. She used to add both the combination of coconut milk and regular milk and everyone at home follow her recipe now a days. Bhatura Recipe (Deep Fried Leavened Indian Bread) Malabar Bhatoora recipe

I have used plain flour here, but you can use combination of both plain flour and whole wheat flour as well.

Lets see the recipe!

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Products used for the recipe :-

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