Hazelnut chocolate bar (Gluten free & refined sugar free Nutty bar)

I get attack with chocolate carving quite often  and there is no other way, I should give something in. Rarely I used to be conscious about health with sweet treats and this recipe is one of my way to satisfy both the demands. Hazelnut and chocolate are match made in heaven without any doubt, Isn’t??A small piece of this hazelnut chocolate bar really will make all the chocolate lovers happy without much guilt. They are crunchy and melt in your mouth at the same time.

Since this chocolate bar is packed with protein, it will keep you full for longer and best to have as before or after workout snack.  Those who are following gluten free diet, this is one of the best sweet treat for you as well. There is no strict rule for making them, so you can add your favorite nuts or seeds, or use your favorite nut butters and make it in your own way!

Another good thing about this recipe is, you can roll them to balls when they are still hot and prepare it into bit size pieces.

If you are a hard core chocolate lover like me, you surely gonna make this and stock them every now and then for sure. Anyways, lets see the recipe!!

⇒ Click here for the Recipe!

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