Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

Vatrushka is cheese topped buns, one of the most popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. Every cafes and bakery section of super market here,you can see vatrushka. One among the snack/breakfast item they prepare using farmers cheese (tvorog). I have already shared some of the russian/uzbek recipes with farmers cheese.  Vatrushka is cheesecake in soft and fluffy buns…..aren’t that sounds interesting??!! It really taste great and it makes a filling breakfast too.

All the ingredients are very easily available and can be prepared without much hard work.My friend Nazeema (hubby’s colleague’s wife) who shared this recipe with me (a bunch of recipes she shared with me actually), very long time ago. Was keeping on postponing it because hubby is not a big fan of yeast breads.

When I saw MFB challenge this month subject as “breakfast” item, did not think much. Every month used to try to participate for the challenge, but one or other reason, I fail to  post anything on those days. I am glad that this month it’s up.

Usually cheese filling used to be plain, without any dry fruits addition. Lemme tell you, apricot very well take the cheese filling to the next level. They really complement each other. If you can’t find farmer’s cheese, cream cheese,cottage cheese or ricotta cheese can be substituted. Apricot can be substituted with raisins,dried cherries,cranberries etc.

Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)

You don’t need to wake up early morning to prepare Vatrushka. I have prepared the dough night before and refrigerated it. Only filling and assembling I did it on the next day.

Anyways lets see the recipe….

⇒Click here for the Recipe!


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12 Replies to “Vatrushka Recipe (Sweet cheese and apricot filled buns)”

  1. What a recipe to share dear… so glad you chose a traditional recipe of the place you stay in… these sweet cheesy buns sounds like something kids will really love… must try these out… Beautiful clicks too…

    1. Thank you soo much Rafeeda 😍…. Yeh kids too would love them…especially cheesy part!! Lemme know how it turned out, if you tried them!!

  2. This looks amazing 😉 thanks for sharing the recipe💕

  3. feminashiraz says:

    How pretty these look! Would love to try it.

    1. Thank you Femina ☺️Hope you will love them! lemme know how it turned out for you!!

    1. You welcome Mohamad!!! Hope she will try and love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing! ☺️

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