Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (Malabar style Prawn curry)

Prawn curry made with thick and yellow coconut sauce – a perfect Kerala delicacy, with Kannur’s own pathil (rice pancake) is all we want to feel homely. That creaminess of coconut, aromatic spices and kick of red & green chilies at the same time – do I need to say more???Its finger licking good and it can’t be easier than this. Ehh the next day, the earthen pot in which prepared this chemmeen curry I licked as washed  😉 Yea it enhances the taste as it sits. So be sure to make extra quantity. Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (malabar prawns curry) kerala shrimp curry

Prawns/shrimp is both of us favorite, in fact all seafood are our favorite ;-)..), unfortunately we won’t get anything from sea as fresh as we get back home!! Here we are getting satisfied with all those cold water fish, those fish are nowhere near to what we get in Kerala and UAE.We get all types of frozen fish, but rarely I put my hands on them!!Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (malabar prawns curry) kerala shrimp curry

You wondering from where I got these prawns?? I packed some when I came from home😉!! Not soo much…..less than a kg after cleaning! I packed these kind of items in frozen bag. I would not have brought all these items if hubby accompanied me. He used to ask What you will do if they ask you to open and show?! I used to be like what is the big deal, I am carrying some eatables – not a bomb or something!!! Whatever I argue, he wont allow. But now guess what, he was like ha now you go home every 2 to 3 months and bring all these goodies 😁haha!Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (malabar prawns curry) kerala shrimp curry

Coming back to the chemmeen curry, they can’t be easier than this guys and taste is something which you must try and see. It’s that good, and I am sure you will end up licking your fingers. Goes very well with anything likerice, pathiri, chapathi, Kalathappam etc….

Serves – 2 to 3

Ingredients :-

For the coconut paste 

  1. Grated Coconut – 1/4 cup
  2. Shallots (Small Onion) – 2
  3. Fennel seeds(perum jeerakam) – 1/2 Tea spoon
  4. Turmeric Powder – 1/4 Tea spoon
  5. Water – 1/4 cup to grind the coconut paste

For the gravy base

  1. Prawns (Chemmeen) – 250 g peeled and deveined
  2. Coconut oil – 2 Table spoon
  3. Garlic – 1 clove
  4. Curry leaves – a hand full
  5. Shallots (Small Onion)  –  4 to 5
  6. Green chili – 1 to 2 (or as you prefer)
  7. Tomato – Half of 1 medium
  8. Red chili powder – 2 1/2 tea spoon
  9. Coriander powder – 1/2 tea spoon
  10. Salt – to taste
  11. Tamarind/ Kokum(kodampuli) – Small piece (Or as per the taste)
  12. Water – as required

Direction :- Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (malabar prawns curry) kerala shrimp curry

  1. Take all the ingredients to make coconut paste in a grinder and grind into smooth paste.
  2. Heat oil in a pan (preferably earthen pot ie, manchatti) and add chopped garlic Curry leaves, sliced shallots and saute until light brown.
  3. Then add halved green chili and tomato and saute until tomato cooks well.
  4. Take red chili powder and coriander powder in a bowl and add 2 table spoon of water and make them to a paste. Add this paste to the onion-tomato mixture and stir and combine well.  Cook them for a minute or so. (Please make sure to keep your flame low, else it may burn our quickly).
  5. Now add water depends upon gravy you require (1 cup or so) Kokum and salt to taste and bring the curry to boil.
  6. When the gravy starts to boil, add the prawns (chemmeen) to it and cook for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.
  7. Now add the ground coconut paste, mix well and boil for another 1 minute and switch of the flame.
  8. If you would like, add more curry leaves, close the lid and keep them for sometimes before serving.
  9. Remember curry will get thicken as it sits.

Tips & Tricks :-

  • If you are using tamarind, soak them in little hot water for sometime and add the pulpy extract to the curry, instead of kokum in above direction.
  • I have not used the curry leaves since it was not available, be sure to use them if available, it gives more flavor to the curry.

Thenga aracha chemmeen curry (malabar prawns curry) kerala shrimp curry

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty 🙂

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  2. chef mimi says:

    Oh my goodness this looks so gooooood! And I even own tamarind! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nadishaf says:

      Thank you soo much!!! Please lemme know how it turned out for you….if you happen to try!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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