Mimosa Salad Recipe (Layered tuna salad )

Salads holds its own place on any festive/party table at any time of the year….Isn’t?? This salad got its name from Russian name of the yellow spring flower tree called “mimosa”. This is popular in all former soviet states and can be prepared with pretty common ingredients available in every kitchen. Mimosa salad recipe (layered tuna salad)

This colorful and unique looking salad – mimosa attracted me when we were invited by an Uzbek friend. I always used to amaze how people over here arrange their table with different varieties of tasty salads,starters, nuts and sweets when receiving a guest. Totally different food culture from ours. They take us directly to the dining table , where they would keep everything ready on table before we arrive. We talk, eat and entertine there itself. In between soups, main course and desserts will be served. Soup and main course normally seen served only one item, where as back home in India we serve as many varieties of main dishes as possible ;-).  Mimosa salad recipe (layered tuna salad)

Coming to the recipe, they are pretty simple, layering tuna, cooked veggies and egg with mayonnaise. Here I prepared a dressing instead of mayonnaise, using sour cream. A delicious substitute for mayo. You can either use mayonnaise or the dressing which I have given below,  which is bit more healthier version. If you are not a fan of tuna, cooked/tinned chicken or turkey can be substituted. But I guess tuna gives a unique taste for this salad. You can also add onion and hard cheese if you prefer.

Hopefully this would be my last post for the year 2017. Wishing you all very Happy new year and joyful holidays!!! Stay happy and safe!

Anyways, here is the recipe………

Ingredients :-

For dressing :-

  1. Sour cream – 1 Cup
  2. Hard boiled egg yolk – 1
  3. Olive oil – 1 to 2 tea spoon
  4. Salt and pepper – to taste
  5. Sugar – 1 tea spoon
  6. Lemon juice – 1 tea spoon (or to taste)
  7. Mustard paste – 1 tea spoon (Optional)

For salad:-

  1.  Tuna – 1 small tin (about 100 g/ 3/4 cup)
  2. Potato – 1 medium
  3. Carrots –  2 small
  4. Hard boiled eggs – 2
  5. Dill leaves – to decorate (optional)

Direction :- Mimosa salad recipe (layered tuna salad)

For dressing :-

  1. Mash the egg yolk using a fork or spoon, then mix all other ingredients using a spoon for the dressing with egg yolk and keep aside. (better to put the dressing in a piping bag or zip lock bag to easy drizzle the dressing between each layer)

For salad and assembling :-

  1. Cook the potato and carrots with enough salt until veg can be soft while pressing with the fork . (I used pressure cooker for 2 whistle).Then peel the skin off when they are cool enough to handle and keep aside.
  2. Cook the eggs to hard boil. Peel the and separate egg yolk and white by cutting in half and keep aside.
  3. Drain the tuna and mash the thoroughly with the fork.
  4. Take a plate or bowl where you gonna the salad, and keep a ring at the centre of the plate to get even layers (not really necessary) or you can simply layer them carefully on the plate. Transparent bowl can also be used to layer the salad.
  5. At the bottom, layer the prepared tuna and press with a spoon to get everything hold together.
  6.  Drizzle the prepared dressing or mayonnaise on top of tuna, and spread evenly.
  7. Now Grate the potatoes on top of it using a grater and slightly press with a spoon to make even layer. Then drizzle dressing again and spread evenly.
  8. Grate the cooked carrot on top of it evenly and drizzle with dressing as done above.
  9. Now spread the grated egg whites on top of it, spread the dressing same as above.
  10. Finally grate the egg yolk though smallest grater on very top of the layered salad.
  11. Take out the ring slowly if you used it.
  12. Decorate the salad with dill leaves if using it.
  13. Refrigerate for an hour at least, it usually served cold.

Tips & Ticks :-

  • You can use tinned/cooked chicken or turkey or any other fish if you are not a fan of tuna.
  • Onion and hard cheese can also be grated and layered in between.
  • You can use mayonnaise instead of above given dressing.
  • Mimosa salad recipe (layered tuna salad)

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  1. That sounds really delicious! Got to test this with the salad loving men in the house… 🙂

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    1. nadishaf says:

      Thanks dear… Hope he will love it….here too we both love salads ☺️


  2. shazia says:

    This looks stunningly beautiful!A filling salad with all the goodness in it,will try it out with chicken as hubby is not a fan of fish…

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    1. nadishaf says:

      Thank you so much Shazia 😍…. yea chicken too works well in this salad!! Hope you will love it!!


  3. shaziss says:

    This looks stunningly beautiful!A filling salad with all the goodness in it!Will definitely gonna try this one!

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    1. nadishaf says:

      Thank you Shazi…. lemme know how it turned out for you ☺️


  4. sharmikannan says:

    This looks so delicious and colourful. Yummy.

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    1. nadishaf says:

      Thank you soo much Sharmi ☺️


  5. Ellustar says:

    Reblogged this on SEO.

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    1. nadishaf says:

      Thank you so much for Reblogging ☺️


      1. Ellustar says:

        You are always welcome my dear.

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