Crispy Oatmeal and Chocolate chips cookies (Neiman Marcus Cookies)

Are you a cookie person??? Which type of cookies are your favorite?? I am a crispy, crunchy cookie person, which we can dunk into tea,coffee or milk. And this 250 dollar cookies from Neiman Marcus really hooked me!! You might be thinking why  250 dollar cookie??!! Yea there is a story behind this cookie recipe. You might have read about this cookie in internet. Here is the story in short…. A woman visited “Neiman-Marcus Cafe” in Dallas and ordered a dessert after her dinner — the Neiman Marcus cookie. The woman was so enthralled by the delicious cookie that she asked an employee at the cafe if she could have the recipe. When the employee declined, the woman asked to purchase the recipe, and was told that it would cost her “two-fifty.” When the woman received her VISA statement a month later, she’d been charged $285 — $10 each for two salads, $20 for a scarf, and $250 for the famous cookie recipe. She was ready to pay thinking that its 2.50 $. Hence the name 250 dollar cookie. Read more about itHere ).  Don’t know whether this story is true or not, but cookie is absolutely delicious.I came across this cookie while rolling through Pinterest. The story really attracted me and when I read the reviews, I decided to give it  a try. Made it couple of times now. We both really enjoyed it by dunking in cold milk. What make this cookie special from other oatmeal cookie is that, we are grinding the oats to coarse powder instead of adding whole oats to the batter.A portion of Chocolates are added  ground or grated too.

When we were invited for a dinner by hubby’s one of colleague, I made a batch of this oats and chocolate chip cookie for them. The very next day she sent me message asking for the recipe saying that its very tasty cookie!!I am sure you gonna make a second batch of this cookies. 

This became our favorite cookie since I made, Hope you too gonna love it. I strongly recommend you to try at least once. Be sure to use good quality chocolates.

⇒Click here for the Recipe!

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8 Replies to “Crispy Oatmeal and Chocolate chips cookies (Neiman Marcus Cookies)”

    1. Thank you so much ☺️. Lemme know how it turned out for you!!!

    1. Thank you Rafeeda! Hope you will love this too!!! Lemme know how it turned out for you! 😊

  1. Lovely recipe. Can I omit milk chocolate and use only semisweet chocolate chips?And do we need to grind chip n oats to coarse or finepowder?

    1. Thank you Farzana ☺️… yes you can omit milk chocolate!! and it should be fine powder!

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