Lemon Curd Recipe

Hello friends…. I am back after a small break with a very delicious and easy recipe – Lemon Curd from scratch. Was on vacation and couldn’t be active and look after my blog. This recipe was prepared and thought to post a month back, but you know how the situation will be when you go back home for vacation??!! Mind was not at all up for blogging from there! Hope now on I will be able to post regularly.

Lemon Curd is very delicious and velvety dessert spread, which is very versatile goes well with your Scones, toasts,cookies, filling for your tarts, or as topping for your Cheesecake or simply delicious by its own. You can make very tasty lemon curd easily at the comfort of your kitchen with this simple recipe. Ingredients for the lemon curd you can find easily in your pantry. So now on,no more preservatives added store bought Lemon curd ;).

Preparing lemon curd was in my to do list for long. When I wanted my cheesecake a citrusy topping, I did not think much. Put my hands on long awaited Lemon curd. If you are a fan of lemony flavor, this is for you. I really love lemon flavor. Really miss my “Lemon puff biscuits” which we get back in Abu Dhabi, one of my favorite biscuits it is, unfortunately I couldn’t find em here so far :(. This lemon curd really satisfied me…. I did spread them on salty crackers too…it was really yummy!

So here is incredibly delicious and easy lemon curd recipe for you to try….

⇒Click here for the Recipe!

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    1. Thank you Rafeeda ☺️….
      yes i used freshly squeezed lemon juice!! Would like to hear from you if you tried!!

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