Homemade Pizza Dough

How about a pizza dough from scratch which takes less than 15 minutes of preparation time?? Why you want to go out and have pizza when you can make it in your own kitchen with all fresh ingredients, limited budget, which taste as good as shop bought, or may be better than that?!

If you are not a pizza lover…..there are alot of other things which you can make with this dough!! Happy ??!!I have made a tasty middle eastern snack – Fatayer with pizza dough for our Iftar (recipe follows soon)! Or how about a bread knots to accompany your soup? Let your creativity fly and make delicious appetizers with this simple dough. I surely will update some interesting recipes in coming days Insha allah!

Best thing about the pizza dough is you can make this ahead of time! This dough freezes well up to 3 months! Ladies….if pizza dough is ready in your freezer, you can make filling dinner by adding your favorite topping on your lazzy/busy days!! Or unexpected guest for dinner…..there you have a quick solution! Whats say?!

⇒Click here for the Recipe!

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  1. Will try making this dough some time. Waiting for the Fatayer recipe.

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