Nombu Kanji/Payar Kanji (Rice & Greengram porridge with Coconut Milk)

Ramadan Kareem everyone! May you all have the best one!Here its second day of Ramadan today….Alhamdulillah so far it went well!

Nombu Kanji (‘Nombu’ means fasting and ‘Kanji’ means porridge, in my mother tongue – Malayalam) is one of the comforting and unavoidable dish to make during Ramadan. That aroma of roasting green gram itself is the smell of Ramadan for us!! When I made this yesterday, missed so much those days of Ramadan with Family!

This very delicious porridge, can be prepared easily. Cooking roasted green gram with rice and finally adding the coconut milk to make it rich and delicious. Back home we get a lot of coconut, so we use coconut milk while making this. Here when I make, I used to add half regular milk and half coconut milk. Sometimes I make regular milk alone. Both the ways, it’s very delicious and comforting.

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    1. Thank you 😊
      Yes its pure vegetarian dish…hope you will like it!

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