Chocolate Crepe with cream and fruit filling (Chocolate Dosa)

Crepes are so versatile, pair very well with both sweet and savory fillings. One of my very easy to go breakfast item is crepe filled with anything which I have handy. Doesn’t it make so relaxing & happy when you make something quick and delicious serve it on the breakfast table?? Believe me this chocolate crepe filled with cream and fruits are really heavenly combo and very filling too.

Batter will be ready in no time and it takes less than a minute to assemble. The dulce de leche and clotted cream will simply melt in you mouth, and strawberry and banana enhance the taste with all its goodness. Furthermore all those pair well with chocolate crepe….yummmmm!

I would say this can be served as a dessert item too or when your loved one comes with hungry anytime of the day!!Add your favorite combination of seasonal fruits….a good way to include fruits in you breakfast too.Make big or small crepes as you prefer and serve it with a cup of coffee or tea.

⇒Click here for the Recipe!


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