French Salad (Francuski Salat)

French Salad is one amongst many salads we usually order from restaurants during our weekend dinner out!! Its called ‘Francuski salat’ here and I fell in love with this salad ever since I tried from restaurant here. When I put my hands on making this salad in my kitchen, of course I must share it here, so that you guys also can try it out!!!

Match stick sized veggies and cooked meat which is coated with simple dressing – Mayonnaise and topped up with crunchy fried potatoes. Yes those crunchy potatoes are my favorite part of this salad and I am happy if I get only this salad, lipioshka (Uzbek local bread) and lemony sugary black tea. Why can’t this salad make a light meal with lipioshka??! You have your fiber and nutrients loaded veggies, protein from beef and bread gives the carbs and ending with lemon tea!!! Isn’t that a perfect light meal??


If you have your veggies cut perfectly into match stick sized/ thinly as possible…. your salad is ready!!I hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!! Lets see this super simple Francuski Salat recipe…


⇒Click here for the Recipe!


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2 Replies to “French Salad (Francuski Salat)”

  1. Nadi, is there a substitute for mayo?

    1. Biji…. you may can try substituting with greek yogurt or sour cream!! But I never did with it… lemme know if you try using it! ☺️

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