Egg Bonda/Pakora (Egg Fritters)

Egg bonda is one of the Indian snack with simple ingredients,which you can put together easily. Hard boiled eggs are stuffed with aromatic, little spicy filling and deep fried by dipping in maida(all purpose flour) batter.There are different variations of egg bonda across the region, and this is how we make at home.

This snack is often made at home during iftar or as evening tea time snack. This pakora also made if any guests arrive without any notice, because this can be made with ingredients easily available in all kitchen like egg,onion,ginger garlic paste, green chilli,maida……….

This egg pakora/bonda I made for a Uzbek guest here, mainly because, when we went to their home, we were talking about Indian food and snacks. First thing they were saying about Indian snack was Pakoras. So I made this snack with some other snacks. I made it less spicy, because people here are not used with so much of hot and spiciness as we usually have.

Anyways….lets see how this Egg bonda/pakora/fritters made……

⇒Click here for the Recipe!


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