Beans and capsicum/bell pepper stir fry


Vegetarian stir fries are one of unavoidable dish in Kerala lunch and today I am with a stir fry with Bell pepper/Capsicum and beans.They are soo flavorful & healthy side dish and very easy to prepare. And those stir fries are part of Onam Sadhya too. To get the authentic taste of Kerala dish, I highly recommend to use coconut oil and spluttering of mustard seeds and cumin gives this dish a great aroma.

I got alot of farmer’s fresh capsicum and tomatoes from a village guy here.His parents do farming back to their village.When they harvest, they used to send me potatoes,apples,tomatoes etc…… Got lots of farm fresh veggies and making every possible use of it. So I thought  will add a dish with capsicum to today’s menu.

Click here for the Recipe!



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